Book release! The Sovereigntist’s Handbook

I began writing the book about 18 months ago. It, unfortunately, got sidelined for a while as I took on a full-time position as the opinion editor at the Western Standard. I stepped back and now am part-time with the Western Standard and it has allowed me to dust off the manuscript and get it done.

Support for Western independence ebbs and flows. It gets a little stronger each time as more people conclude Canada’s system of confederation is irreparable. Polls indicated a solid core of 25% support for pursuing independence in Alberta and growing numbers in other Western provinces.

Independence parties and advocacy groups come and go while rarely making a lasting impact on the status quo. They can’t manage to harness and maintain the growing support for independence.

We need to start at the bottom rather than looking at the top.

Most people have never taken part in a political party or advocacy group. Many support independence but don’t feel comfortable debating in support of it. Some may know all the talking points, but don’t operate well on social media. The Sovereigntist’s Handbook is modeled for those folks.

There are many books out there explaining why the West needs to pursue independence. None offer much advice on how to pursue independence.

We need a true grassroots movement. It needs to spread from person to person and grow to a point where the political powers that be can’t ignore it anymore.

The Handbook is a training guide for independence advocates. It is not designed to convince people to support Western independence. It was written to make existing independence advocates more effective and help them avoid repeating the many mistakes I made in the independence world over the years.

Click here to see a chapter list and to order your copy of the book.

It’s time to stop repeating the same old tactics and failures and to make real progress toward Western independence.

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