BC citizens need a lesson in reality.


Just as folks on the left suffer a mental deficit when it comes to understanding even the most simple of economic principles, they are utterly lost when it comes to the realities of energy generation.

The trend this last decade has been to demonize all forms of carbon based fuel (particularly that which comes from Alberta) despite there still being no realistic alternative to carbon based fuel at this time. A replacement for oil, gas and coal may indeed be right around the corner but we still need to survive as a society until that corner is breached.

The majority of myopic fools on BC’s lower mainland enjoy a standard of living among the highest on the entire planet. This standard of living would be utterly impossible without cheap and abundant sources of energy and it appears that citizens don’t get that. BC hipsters sip their gas heated lattes while bitching on social media through their smart phones (corporate made petroleum products) without thinking for even a second how they would live without carbon based fools.

Idiots keep vapidly going on about how electric vehicles will replace all cars any day now and will save us from a carbon dioxide created armageddon. Even if we assume that these vehicles are practical, affordable and readily available (they aren’t) and even if we overlook the heavy metal disaster that 10s of millions of battery laden vehicles would cause, we can’t overlook the reality that these vehicles still need an energy source. The electricity has to come from somewhere kiddies.

Vancouver’s hippy mayor is trying to ban natural gas from the city while the incoming provincial government (created from a hellish coalition of left wing extremists) is so fucking stupid that they are actually planning on cancelling a hydroelectric dam that is already well under construction.

Let me repeat that as it is almost unbelievable: the incoming provincial government (created from a hellish coalition of left wing extremists) is so fucking stupid that they are actually planning on cancelling a hydroelectric dam that is already well under construction. 

Yes. These left wing extremists are so damned ideologically driven that they are going to try to shut down renewable electricity generation while telling us that we all will be moving on to power based on renewable electricity.

Oh, did I mention that it will cost billions to get out of the dam due to all the contracts? I guess its only money.

What will power all these electric cars in this new green wonderland? I can assure you that unicorn farts and the laughter of children won’t cut it. We need generation capacity.

The left opposes, oil, gas, coal, hydro, and nuclear forms of electricity generation. That really doesn’t leave much but these idiots really aren’t looking that far ahead.

I think it truly is time to send a real message and give a dose of reality to BC.


Yes, we would have to compensate oil companies for that loss. The savings from teaching our moronic West coast neighbors a lesson would more than make up for the short shipping glut though.

Nearly 90% of Vancouver and the coastal area’s fuel comes through that pipeline. Despite that reality, those dolts are strongly opposing the expansion and upgrading of that line which has been safely serving them for over fifty years.

If BC hates the contents of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, then let’s indulge them. Give them a few weeks of $20 per liter fuel (if they can find it). Let their plants which use petroleum byproducts for manufacturing lay off 1000s of workers for awhile. Let their cost of consumer goods increase 10 fold as shipping comes to a standstill. Let the blackouts begin as a massive surge hits the electrical system as people try to find other means of energy with short notice.

While BC has utterly no constitutional authority to block Alberta’s pipelines, Alberta does have the authority to block outward shipments of energy products. This would require the will of the government which in Alberta right now is unfortunately a bunch of leftist ideologues who accidentally got elected. I don’t expect the Notley Regime to act in such a manner against her leftist bretheren in BC but we can dream can’t we?

If Notley continues to provide only flaccid, verbal opposition to the BC blockade of our resources, we will still need such action in 2019 (or 2020) when Albertans finally kick the socialist NDP to the electoral curb. I surely hope that the next government has the guts to cut BC off for awhile.

Teaching BC what a carbon free world would feel like would be one of the best inter-provincial lessons we have seen in the history of Canada. It would set back the lobbying of eco-kooks by generations as an entire generation learns just how life would be if they listened to the advice of the Greens in full.

Its worth it. Let’s do it for BC.

Let the BC bastards freeze in the dark.

It isn’t from spite guys.

Its inter-provincial tough love.

8 thoughts on “BC citizens need a lesson in reality.

  1. Unfortunately, the lower mainland (essentially Vancouver west to Abbotsford) has numbers to take any election. It also has the most uninformed voters, as in those who think food comes from grocery shelves and is delivered there by non-polluting vehicles. I do think Alberta ought to cut off all supplies of either natural gas or oil to the lower mainland, and let them see how well they survive on unicorn farts.

    The rest of the province is more realistic, as well as having more resource-based economies (logging, mining, petroleum – the Peace country). We’ll supply them, just not those on the “left coast”.

  2. As much as I agree. You won’t see anything happen until 2019 when Alberta goes back to the polls. A new government will turn off the tap. And I hope they will also refuse to send equalization payments east,.

  3. I mentioned in another blog the insanity of the new French President promising to move from a position of 75% Nuclear sourced electricity, backwards toward 50%, all because Nuclear wasn’t “renewable”. I compared this to the worse example of Ont being blessed with 78% of green, clean power from Nuclear and hydro a decade ago, and spending Billions to overcome that “problem”.
    All this I suggested because leftist zealots considered Nuclear bad, from their ban the bomb days.
    Someone pointed out that they also considered hydro power “bad” and your link has just confirmed this.
    I think insanity is too mild a term to describe current luddite, green extremist thinking; these people are against everything, all forms of power. The woolier ranks of NDP faction believe cars and trucks will be electric by the coming decade or so. No thought whatever is given to how commercial agriculture would get by with electric tractors, combines and trucks, or how food grown would find its way to where 95% of these people live. Only fools who think electricity comes from a wall socket and food from grocery shelves could spout such gibberish, but spout it they do, and no one in the MSM cares to question their ideas.

    • You are perfectly right how do those idiots think that things happen. Do they believe the mars men come to their house at nite a bring all they need. But I’m sure most of these tree huggers live in tents can’t use wood to heat them ????? And they must walk every where because cars burn gas and horses fart so the price of houses should reduce soon as there is no one over there that would live in one. Might as well blow up the road just west of Hope as they shouldn’t allow any gas fumes over there tree huggers still eat fish or maybe not ???
      Oh well there lots of kelp they must be allowed to eat that.

  4. BTW on the left coast it is mostly tanker traffic, not pipelines per se, that is opposed. But pipelines bring tankers. Many people who are otherwise strong conservatives fear tanker spills will destroy the fish they catch or the environmental beauty they moved here to get and vote their fears.

    The CPC, for example, lost all their seats here on Vancouver Island because of the horror stories of the havoc Northern Gateway supplied bitumen tanker spills would cause to habitat and coastline.

  5. The worst is that buffoon Suzuki, the darling of CBC, who championed the greens and both him and that slackass “chief” Phillips somehow wandered up to protest the site C.

    Beware that Suzuki who is a very bitter man who wants nothing more than punish the country that put him in a internment camp. He has used that at every chance he can. And Phillips, he couldn’t look after his own family, much less the women in his tribe but finds time to whine about site C

    You can be assured that neither of these 2 clowns and their followers will be inconvenienced.

    Lets also be very,very blunt. The females who follow the greens,lefties and Suzuki are the most relentless and voracious consumers of energy on the planet and yet want everyone else do without or step backwards. Not 1 of these silly twits would do without all their multiple showers,electronic feel good gadgets and the multi isles in stores catering to their vanity

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