Baffling with B.S. on Bike Lanes

As the debate on Calgary’s ridiculous plan to place bicycle tracks throughout downtown at the expense of major and busy laneways comes to a peak, the utter pap flying from our esteemed city bureaucrats is flying hard and heavy.

Calgary already has the most expensive parking rates in Canada which is terrible for downtown businesses. People need not wonder why Calgary’s downtown lacks vibrancy among tourists and shoppers when it costs so much to simply park. The city of Calgary has purposely throttled the number of parking spaces downtown for years and we are seeing the effects of this.

The ludicrous bicycle network plan will remove yet another 260 or so parking spaces from downtown Calgary which are rather dearly needed. Businesses and senior’s centers are concerned over the loss of loading zones and parking spots in front of their establishments and rightly so.

Fear not though! Listen to our tall foreheads in the Parking Authority: “Overall, 260 parking spaces would be lost, but the parking authority
says it can create 350 new ones simply by rethinking available space
during non-peak hours.”

Just what the hell is “rethinking” available space? Do we have it or do we not? Are these spaces that are usually removed during rush hour and now would choke the rush further? Are these magic spaces that nobody can see until somebody “rethinks” them?

Really folks, is it any wonder that councillors express such frustration when city bureaucrats feed them such clear and utter BS.

Considering Calgary’s already economically depressing and embarrassingly high parking rates, why the hell hasn’t the Parking Authority already “rethought” these apparent hundreds of parking spaces that are just laying around??

There are no good stats to show any reasonable demand for this bicycle plan and it is clear that the city bureaucrats will say pretty much anything to try and pass this idiotic plan. That is of course because the plan is not pro-bicycle, it is simply anti-car. The fact that the Parking Authority will hold back parking spaces purposely despite our insanely high parking costs pretty much proves that.

This is turning into an utter mess. Let’s hope that our city council wisely tosses this inane bicycle plan into the dustbin where it belongs this Monday.

We can “rethink” and add those 350 parking spaces downtown without adding an unnecessary bicycle mess.


4 thoughts on “Baffling with B.S. on Bike Lanes

  1. Unless cyclists pay an annual license and show proof of insurance coverage, there should be no special bike lanes for cyclists. If they want that, then they need to contribute to the upkeep of the roads the same as motorists. Society does not owe them any freebies.

  2. bike lanes in any city where there is winter at least five months a year shows a level of stupidity that cannot be adjusted for.

  3. As a horse owner and rider, I think the city should allow for horse only lanes year round, so I can ride into the Stampede for 10 days every July. Makes about as much sense as year round bike lanes in a city with 4 months of bad SkiiDooing.

  4. Well after 2 years of broken promises and being ignored about the false numbers, it is clear they do not want to come clean…..

    I question why the City workers do not surrender the TAXPAYER paid for parking spots to help fund the cycling program or why women and children are turned away from SHELTERS due to $13,000,000.00 being diverted to seasonal biking, one just shakes their head in disbelief.
    Ask yourself why the Planners refuse to use electronic counters like Vancouver does, why because they will be caught in their lies.

    Very sad so many broken families have nowhere to stay in the winter while all these bike lanes are unused, nice job everyone hope you enjoy your heated paid for parking and pension, well done!

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