Well-meaning fool or con artist? Warren Parke’s bizarre “March Across Canada”

It’s hard to figure out just what Warren Parke’s angle is if indeed that is even his name. He sometimes goes by Warren Michael and sometimes by Warren Michael Parke. He also goes by “The Old Man” on his Facebook page where he has garnered thousands of followers for his “March Across Canada” which was ostensibly a solo man’s effort to raise funds and awareness for veterans. Oh and autism. Along with clean drinking water on native reserves. Oh yeah, he is raising funds for cancer as well.

The goals of the “March Across Canada” are myriad and all seem to be designed to tug at a person’s heartstrings. We all appreciate our veterans and know that they have been poorly treated by the government. We want all of our citizens to have clean drinking water. We certainly are concerned about autism and everybody knows somebody who has been impacted by cancer. One way or another, somebody is going to relate to what Parke purports to be raising funds for which does indeed give him a broad base of people to solicit funds from.

Beginning around Christmas of 2020, Warren Parke left Kelowna with a large cross of his own construction with the apparent goal of walking across Canada and raising funds and awareness for all of the aforementioned causes.

Parke did indeed traverse the country with many stops before arriving in Ottawa around February 14th. He did many appearances with local media in towns at war memorials where local veterans and others thanked him for his effort and put cash into the slot he had carved into his cross for that purpose.

People also generously donated to Parke’s Gofundme page which had raised nearly $10,000 as of this writing.

Since then, in looking at Parke’s Facebook page he has been simply bouncing around Ontario in a random way.

It has been weeks since Parke met his goal of reaching Ottawa and some veterans who had encountered and been pulled into helping Parke along the way are calling foul and demanding to know where the money went.

As details come out, this whole endeavor is beginning to look pretty sketchy to say the least.

Geoff Logue of Virden Manitoba was an Artilleryman of 1 RCHA attached to the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team. Logue like many veterans who served in combat zones suffers from PTSD. He has been active as an advocate for other suffering veterans and was documented on W5 with his service dog as can be seen below.

Geoff is understandably sensitive to veteran’s issues and when he heard about Parke’s journey, he and fellow veteran Gil Gilbert offered to lend a hand. For around 10 days Gilbert and Logue traveled with Parke and what they saw didn’t look good. Eager to help with what they felt was a worthwhile cause, it took some time before they left Parke.

Logue is now coming out about what he witnessed.

In an interview below, “Rants Derek” of the Plaid Army speaks to Shaun Arntsen who is also an Afghanistan veteran who encountered Parke when he passed through Calgary. Geoff Logue joins the interview at about the 34-minute mark and tells of what he experienced on the road with Parke.

These are veterans so be warned, the language is colorful but the information shared is something else.

The revelations are concerning and enraging.

In going town to town, Warren Parke would apparently raise $400 to $500 per day in cash contributions into his cross. He would then apparently open the cross at night, take off his “cast” and head out to the bars for the night. Parke allegedly rarely did any actual walking aside from town limit to town limit when he could do his Facebook video update and raise more funds from local people wanting to support his causes. It was said that Parke would rarely leave the motel room before 10 am. If that was the true average, Parke could have raised as much as $20,000 during his travels above and beyond the GoFundMe page. It can’t be traced. Parke also got things such as a $500 pair of boots bought for him by Logue and untold other direct contributions.

The personal communications revealed between Parke and Arntsen demonstrate a rather ugly character.

In digging further into this episode on my own, there sure is a great deal that doesn’t add up with Warren Parke’s activities.

In some media interviews, he was open about using a vehicle for some of his travel. He said that he walked for 70% of his journey though.

Parke’s route was not a straight one. It was a circuitous path up to Edmonton, Saskatoon and down to Estevan as he moved to meet with potential donors. Even if he went straight to Ottawa from Kelowna, it would be almost 4,000 kilometers. In walking 8 hours per day, every day it would take about 82 days to make the trip. Oh did I mention that Parke claims that the cross weighs 80-100 pounds and that he apparently has a broken ankle?

To put it bluntly, the timelines and distance make it clear that his claims of how much time he spent walking were bullshit and not by just a little bit. When he will lie about one thing, how many more will he lie about?

Never one to miss an opportunity, Parke auctioned his makeshift “cast” online. Who the hell would want such a thing I will never know.

I am no doctor by any means but I am pretty sure that most casts don’t use that much duct-tape.

Parke hasn’t stopped at grisly, fake casts, however. He plans to auction off the poppies from his cross.

Aside from the difficulties that Parke is facing in justifying where all the money went right now, he is inviting legal action from the Royal Canadian Legion for copyright infringement.

The poppy was entrenched as a trademark for the Legion through an act of Parliament in 1948. They are very specific on who may or may not use the symbol as can be seen in the statement below from the Legion President.

The Poppy Fund is the main vehicle of annual fundraising for the Royal Canadian Legion every year. They sell a number of branded items with the poppy. That is why trademarking is so essential to them. I suspect that Mr. Parke has not gotten the release from the legion in order to use the poppy image.

In having his cross covered in poppy images like that, while Parke has never claimed to be a veteran or claimed to be sanctioned by the Legion, he certainly was not afraid of making that impression.

It could very well be that Warren Parke is indeed a well-meaning but disorganized and muddle-headed individual who was trying to do a good thing. I do like to give the benefit of the doubt.

Parke has put out a recent video on his Facebook page where he claims that none of the money in the GoFundMe account has been drawn out yet and that there is a savings account where he put all the cash raised which he will dispense to a number of charities soon.

All I can say then is what are you waiting for Mr. Parke?

Charities make it very easy to send them funds. They rely on it. A person capable of managing a cross-country trek with video online updates daily can manage to e-transfer funds online. If not, I am certain that he can find somebody among his followers who could walk him through the process.

Warren Parke can shut down the growing number of questions over his initiative quickly and decisively. He could then post a video linking to the receipts for his contributions to these charities. It’s not hard and he can then retain the status that he has pursued as being a person who wanted nothing more than to help out some causes.

If Parke can’t or won’t do this, it may be time for some follow-up from authorities.

There are reasons that charities require registration. I am not a fan of bureaucracy but do understand the need to have some checks and balances which help maintain the integrity of a system of charities that use the funds and time of people in support of causes. When things look questionable with a charity, it harms the ability of every charity to raise funds or recruit volunteers. Things are starting to look very questionable with Mr. Parke’s activities and I hope that he can clarify things before he does further damage to public trust when it comes to fundraising efforts.

There is by the way a Canadian Walk for Veterans which happens every year and I suspect that they would not want to be confused with Mr. Parke.

I really do hope that this is just a matter of confusion. I do look forward to seeing proof that the funds which people donated in good faith actually get to some charities and very soon.

Otherwise, some legal recourse may have to be sought. While the funds may indeed be lost, at least some preventative measures could be taken to dissuade future episodes such as this.

The integrity of charities and fundraising are too important to not follow up on this.

Does Alberta’s Liberal party want to illegalize tiki-torches?

The incidents where street preacher Artur Pawlowski decided to have his little gang of supporters carry tiki-torches in anti-lockdown marches were exercises in sheer stupidity.

Nobody short of a total fool would think that doing such a think wouldn’t invoke images of the tiki-torch carrying neo-nazis in Charlottesville a few years ago.

I called out the twits on YouTube a couple of weeks ago.

Most people realized the idiocy of carrying torches in marches these days and what the messaging would be turned into. Some doggedly tried to defend it by saying that it was simply a torch and nothing more.

Context matters kids.

Police were called to investigate this march of morons and they did so. Snowflakes felt that a crime had been committed.

The police rightly determined that while the presence of the torches triggered some sensitive folks, no crime had been committed.

It isn’t a crime to be an idiot. If it was, Canada’s Prime Minister would have been locked up after his trip to India.

Not to be outdone in the act of idiocy though, the Alberta Liberal Party has jumped forward to demonstrate their disappointment that the police didn’t find a crime where no crime existed.

They tweeted the nugget below.

Let’s repeat something here. No racism was demonstrated at the rallies. There was no mention of race in the speeches nor calls for harming minorities. The only thing striking was the utterly poor decision to carry tiki-torches. Of course the police couldn’t charge anybody with anything.

What is disturbing here though is that the Liberal Party of Alberta feels that some sort of new law needs to be created in order to charge these people.

What do the Liberals want to see here? Do they literally want to illegalize tiki-torches? Will we have our backyard patios raided in case we may use illegal forms of lighting and decoration?

Thankfully, the Alberta Liberal Party is about as popular as a garden slug in Alberta.

Former leader David Khan led them to a stunning 0.98% support level in the last provincial election and there are no signs that the party will be coming back any time soon.

It is still worth highlighting just how insane and dangerous the thought process of modern day liberals is though. They literally want to see people charged for walking with garden items and rest assured their totalitarian notions would not stop there if given the chance.

Just look at what their federal cousins are planning with control of information.

It needs to be called out and decried whenever it is seen.

Anirudh Bhattacharyya with a Canadian perspective on the Indian Farm Protests

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Dr. Anmol Kapoor on the Indian Farm Protests.

It has been a developing and ongoing issue within India that is beginning to make international headlines and spill into Indian expat communities around the world. It is a nuanced issue that involves farm policy reform and has some cultural and ethnic complications which have made this a very heated and divisive issue for many people in the Indian community and a concerning and confusing one for those of us outside of it.

There are some distinct perspectives on these protests. Dr. Kapoor offered one, and now Anirudh Bhattacharyya is offering another.

Anirudh Bhattacharyya is an author and columnist based in Toronto who writes for the Hindustan Times among other publications. He recently wrote a piece in published by the MacDonald Laurier Institute on Canada/India relations that touches on the protest issues and how these things may impact Canada. Bhattacharyya offers a position more supportive of farm policy reforms.

As for myself, it is one of those rare issues where I am trying not to take a side. I don’t understand enough about the basis of it and just want to learn as much as possible.

The Indian community is a strong and growing segment of Canadian society with a huge population in the country. It is unfortunate and concerning when divisions from the homeland spill over into Canada and we should always be concerned when they do so.

Watch below.

No more BS. Open Alberta up now!

How much more of this fearmongering crap are we going to take?

How many more businesses have to go bankrupt?

How many individuals need to go broke?

How many more suicides?

How many more overdoses? How many more people have to suffer waiting for “elective” procedures?

How many more overdoses?

The costs of lockdowns and restrictions are steep and are growing. Meanwhile the projections on COVID-19 from “experts” are proving to be utter bullshit.

No longer are we looking at the crap projections from health “experts”, we can now look back on a whole year of data.

It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not even remotely as dangerous as we have been warned. Death rates around the world in general have not risen in countries and the reason is cold and clear, COVID-19 almost exclusively kills the already dying. At worst, the virus is taking weeks or months from a tiny number of people’s lives. Meanwhile government reactions to the pandemic are adversely impacting billions of people.

The ICU numbers in Alberta make it stark and clear. After an entire year of being warned that our health care system is on the brink of collapse, we discover that ICU ADMISSIONS ACTUALLY WENT DOWN IN 2020!

This is not a typo. During the year where we shut the whole damn world down for what was supposed to be the worse pandemic since the plague, our overall ICU numbers actually dropped. Our overall death numbers aren’t skyrocketing either. Check it out in the image below.

Below is the FOIP request which revealed these numbers.

This is utterly unbelievable.

It is past time to stop listening to these fearmongering “experts” and time to try and salvage what we can from our economy.

Look at the projections below from just last month.

The projection modeling above looks just kike the crap that the Alberta health “experts” fed us a year ago when they projected as many as 30,000 Albertan deaths.

Utter, incompetent pap.

Not to be outdone by the inept provincial models, Dr. Tam released her “rocket ship modeling” which is so bad, they should be fired on the spot.

Enough is enough. The numbers are in.

We are not suffering under the worst pandemic in generations. What we are suffering under is the worst case of world hysteria and overreaction in history.

End the restrictions now!

There are no more valid excuses to keep this carp up.

Angelo Isidorou won’t let the cancel-mob knock him down

Angelo Isidorou is a young podcaster/journalist in Vancouver who while ironically running an ongoing chow about cancel culture, is now a victim of that very cancel culture himself. 

A fringe-left publication online used a picture of Angelo from years ago in a pose using the OK sign and created a campaign to label Isodorou as a white supremacist. It was a ridiculous reach but the damage was done and even the Mayor of Vancouver jumped on the bandwagon of trying to label Isidorou. 

The parallels with Caylan Ford are striking as she was targeted unfairly by a fringe left publication as well and Calgary’s mayor jumped into the fray. 

Ford is suing those who defamed her and so is Isodorou. 

They won’t let these online bullies smear them and potentially ruin their future career paths. 

Angelo explains to me in detail in the video below what led to this mess and what he is doing about it. 

Let’s all hope that Angelo and Caylan are both successful in their actions. If the unprincipled publications that slandered Ford and Isidorou lose these suits, it will set a precedent that will help prevent this kind of odious character assassination in the future. 

Consider helping Angelo out with his legal funds at the link below. It’s going to be a long battle and it is for all of us in the end. 

Here is Angelo’s Gofundme page.

Alberta needs to reopen gyms

While the decimation of the hospitality sector due to COVID-19 lockdowns has been well reported, gyms which have been locked down have been forgotten.

Among the many things the state has not been doing as they arbitrarily restrict the freedoms of citizens in the name of pandemic control, doing a cost-benefit analysis of restrictions has been one of the most egregious. Closing gyms to citizens at a time like this has done far more harm than good.

The reality is that infections have dropped around the world. Our health systems are far from being overwhelmed and they won’t be. Despite this the government keeps desperately moving the goalposts for reopening and it is harming citizens and business owners alike.

Look at the modelling they used in order to justify lockdowns. It is utter crap and it is an embarrassment. The “experts” who are guiding our government decisions are clearly inept and this governing by magic 8-ball has to end.

Getting back to that cost-benefit thing. It is well established that gyms provide immeasurable benefits to citizens, particularly in winter nations. The cost? It hasn’t been established that well-managed gyms are super-spreaders of the virus and as the government’s own projections have shown, society is hardly at rik right now.

Exercise is good for both the mind and body. No competent health professional can claim that regular visits to a gym are a bad thing. A workout reduces stress and has clear physical benefits. People are still dying of heart attacks, overdoses and suicides during the pandemic even if we aren’t hearing about it and regular exercise is something that gives an outlet to people to avoid all of those potential killers.

Not everybody has a home gym where they can work out. They need somewhere to go.

Gyms also provide guidance for beginning members. Exercising properly is essential and YouTube videos don’t quite cut it for somebody who is perhaps just beginning at a gym or has special requirements due to medical procedures. When full physiotherapy ends for people, gym time begins and working out in the living room doesn’t cut it.

As with so many other restricted activities, gyms also provide a social outlet. Depression is a killer and keeping people locked away from their social activities can make that condition far more acute and quickly.

As we pressure our government to back off on their restrictions upon businesses and citizens, let’s not forget to include gyms in that pressure. Thousands of business owners and millions of Albertans rely on them.

Edmonton’s anti-lockdown rally was ruined by tiki torch-carrying fools.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I want anti-lockdown protests to grow. I do feel that the government has grossly overstepped its authority and is stepping on individual rights. I do think that people taking to the streets can help convince the state of the error of its ways.

That will not happen however if anti-lockdown supporters continue to let nuts and extremists lead their parade.

Last weekend in Edmonton, a number of anti-lockdown organizers decided for some inexplicable reason that marching with a number of people including their leader, holding tiki torches would be a good idea. The rally was of course reported as being a white nationalist event, the messaging about lockdowns was utterly lost and these rallies have lost a pile of credibility.

The likelihood of anti-lockdown rallies gaining support and participation from average folks dropped dramatically last weekend and there is no good excuse for it.

I am tired of arguing with people on Twitter over why this was an idiotic and damaging move so have put it into a video to cover ground rather than trying to respond to the apologists on Twitter trying to make excuses for this.

Learn from this and change the behavior or the anti-lockdown movement will remain in the ineffective fringe.

Gagging caucus fosters breakaway parties

One of the most frustrating spectacles to watch in the Westminster Parliamentary system is a whipped vote on a divisive issue.

What is the point in having representatives from different regions if they will raise their hands and vote like trained seals under the guidance of party leadership? We may as well just have a list of party leaders on the ballot. It would save money on having all those offices and seats in legislatures.

Democracy is a difficult and often messy process. Its not hard to understand why the leadership within parties wants to crush individual thought and keep everybody walking on the same line. It just makes life easier all around for the party brass and leaders.

Well too damn bad!

Constituents will only put up with so much. They formed associations, they chose nominees and they voted for their representatives. They want their local voices heard in the halls of power and that means free votes in the open on legislature floors. Not sad assurances that they are being represented behind closed doors at caucus meetings.

O’Toole may think he has made life easier for himself by drumming Sloan out of the CPC and Kenney may think he has stemmed his party’s bleeding by issuing a gag order for caucus but they both couldn’t be more wrong.

Loud, minority voices in caucus may be irritants but they need to be allowed to speak. They represent dedicated core supporters and if these voices are gagged within one party, they will seek another party. It’s as simple as that.

Federally the PPC and the Maverick Party are eating some of the CPCs lunch on the right. They will never form government but they can certainly become spoilers in enough key ridings to ensure that the CPC never forms government either.

In Alberta, Drew Barnes, Angela Pitt, Jason Stephan, and Miranda Rosin have been breaking ranks and speaking up on behalf of a large segment of Albertans who feel that pandemic restrictions have gone too far. Attempts to gag this constituency will only inflame it.

The Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta has been gaining support at a startling rate and authoritarianism from the UPC is only feeding them. Rebellious UCP MLAs may not cross to the WIP but voters sure will. That could cause some catastrophic problems for the UCP who can’t seem to gain a solid support base on any part of the political spectrum these days.

Shouting down alternative parties as being reckless vote splitters who will usher in another terrible term of the NDP in government is not an effective way to deal with this. It is not the fault of the up and comers that people are abandoning the party in power. Those votes are the UCP’s to lose and they are determined to lose them it seems.

Premier Kenney and the UCP have some serious issues to deal with in governance and within their own party. They are now halfway through their term and their support is swirling the toilet while party stalwarts drift off to support new parties. The answer to this problem won’t be a simple one but one can rest assured that gagging MLAs only serves the interests of alternative parties.

Leadership means managing and respecting a number of disparate voices within one organization while still being able to get things done. The UCP hasn’t mastered this yet and time is running out.

Downtown Calgary is turning into a drug and crime-ridden disaster

This issue has been sliding under the radar of many Calgarians because most Calgarians just don’t go downtown anymore.

Those of us who still have to go downtown now and then, particularly by transit have been watching the swift and steady decline in downtown conditions for months now.

City hall has been looking at studies and talking about ways to convert the ghost-town of office buildings into family residential buildings. To be blunt, they are wasting time.

The city needs to do two things in order to populate the core again:

They need to bring enterprise and business back to the core. Unless there is somewhere to work, there is little reason to live down there.

They will not be able to draw residents or businesses downtown until they find a way to deal with the growing population of addicts downtown. The homeless population who are often plagued with addiction and mental health issues has exploded and they have essentially taken over the LRT system to use as a means to warm up and consume drugs. They are becoming increasingly aggressive and almost territorial downtown now as they have settled in.

The fellow below is smoking heroin on a Calgary LRT

The addict in the video below was smoking meth on the train downtown.

Things are bad and they are only going to get worse.

It is a delicate issue and a tough one to deal with. That of course is why City Hall won’t touch it.

We need a massive new addiction treatment program and it will take an effort on the part of every level of government. These people won’t simply quit on their own and chasing them around or jailing them is pointless.

Until that reality is faced though, Calgary’s downtown will continue it’s decline.

Ricky Berwick for Governor-General!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in a quandary. An election is approaching and he is still facing fallout from his disastrous choice in appointing Julie Payette as the nation’s Governor-General only to have the world discover that she is something of a psychopath.

How can he find the right person for such a prominent job on such short notice?

We don’t need another dried up old journalist or harridan from outer space. Its time for a fresh approach to choosing the Queen’s representative to Canada.

Ontario social media icon Ricky Berwick is perfect for the job!

Ricky has established himself as something of an international ambassador to Canada already with his appearance on the respected and authoritative American show, Tosh.0 which establishes him as a fine representative of the nation during important and widely viewed broadcasts.

Berwick’s productions on Youtube has garnered him a dedicated following of over 2.2 million subscribers.

People just love watching him and what else is really important for a Governor-General anyway?

Berwick has embraced adversity and turned it into a career. His outgoing and lovable nature will make a great contrast to the last occupant of the Governor-General role. Ricky sure won’t be abusing and berating staff and he has a proven strong work ethic.

The prime role of the GG is to deliver the dreaded Speech from the Throne to parliament periodically. It is often referred to as the “Drone from the Throne” due to it’s boring nature.

Rest assured, no Speech from the Throne delivered by Ricky Berwick will ever be considered boring.

Just think of how memorable Ricky’s first audience with the Queen will be.

Let’s get on it folks.

Let’s put that fantastic Canadian entertainer and tongue aficionado into Rideau Hall!

Email Justin Trudeau to demand Ricky’s appointment here: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Ricky couldn’t possibly be any worse than the last one.