A Liberal minority will spell disaster for Alberta

Alberta has never fared well when a Trudeau holds power in Ottawa. It took over a decade for the energy sector to recover from Pierre’s National Energy Program and it has languished stagnant under Justin’s tenure.

Justin Trudeau has all but killed Alberta’s energy sector through legislation such as Bills C-48 and C-69 which have caused an investment exodus from the province along will killing Energy East and the Northern Gateway pipeline. Trudeau’s inept dithering led to Kinder Morgan bailing on the long planned Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion which led to a hasty and ill planned purchase of the pipeline by the federal government. To date not a gram of dirt has moved in the construction of that line.

While the oil and gas sectors in Texas, Pennsylvania and even Kazakhstan are booming, Alberta’s industries remain in stasis due to lack of pipeline capacity and lack of investment. We are losing millions daily and Trudeau couldn’t care less.

This fall we have another federal election and while we should be looking forward to this as an opportunity for the betterment of Alberta it looks like things may become far worse.

While people have tired of Trudeau’s infantile antics and his shallow governance, Andrew Scheer has so far remained incapable of capitalizing on that weakness for the Conservatives. A lot can change politically in a few months but as of this writing things are not looking good.

The Liberal Party under Trudeau appears locked into position to win a minority government this fall and that will be nothing less than an unmitigated disaster for Alberta’s already damaged economy.

In a minority situation, Trudeau will be forced to form a coalition with the NDP and or the Greens in order to remain in power.

BC is providing a live example of a weak leader who is being controlled by a Green Party leader who holds the balance of power in the province. Horgan is Premier in name only while Weaver with only a few seats is calling the shots in that province.

Trudeau is too weak and gormless to maintain control in a coalition situation so we have to look at who will actually govern Canada by proxy should we see a Liberal minority.

Will Elizabeth May gain enough seats to hold the balance of power? Sour Liberals in lower mainland BC and select Eastern ridings may indeed switch to Green and give her those seats.

How would life with Liz holding the levers of power in Alberta look? Not very damn good.

One can hope that she sticks to her more loony pet projects such as banning WiFi but we know in reality that she will set her rheumy sights on Alberta.

May is speaking openly about shutting down Alberta’s entire fossil fuel sector and she will eagerly get to work on doing exactly that if given the chance.

The TransMountain expansion will surely be dead in the water. May would demand that in order to support Trudeau immediately.

Liz just enjoyed a token arrest while protesting that expansion last year. I wonder if she got to sample any prison hooch during her short time in holding?

The other person that Trudeau will wheel and deal with in order to hold power is Jagmeet Singh.

Singh isn’t a lot brighter than Trudeau is but he is an anti-energy ideologue and he will demand a stop to the Trans Mountain expansion as well and will be sure to push for Canada deeper into a socialist leaning mire. Justin will be way too weak to withstand that pressure.

The future looks bleak. One can hope that Scheer finds sudden strength and national appeal in short order but it is a lot to hope for. Polls certainly aren’t always accurate but they have been pretty consistent so far.

Alberta and Saskatchewan can be counted on to vote Conservative but we know quite well that our votes don’t really matter on the federal scene in the end.

Things are bad for Alberta right now but they can always unfortunately get worse.

We will do all we can in leading up to the election but I think that we had best get to work on our post-election contingency plan as well.

4 thoughts on “A Liberal minority will spell disaster for Alberta

  1. We need to get out of confederation and form our own country with Saskatchewan. There is no room for a wealthy Alberta in Canada. As I see it, there is no other choice.

  2. What choice have they left us? If the Conservatives don’t get a majority government, we are toast. I will support Alberta and Saskatchewan 100% to do what they have to. But not to follow any Trump like agenda. We are better than that.

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