A cancel mob is trying to shut down a small, Alberta business

Paul’s Pizza as the name would suggest is a pizza restaurant in Alberta. There are three outlets actually. Two in Calgary, and one in Airdrie. I have ordered their product before and it is good stuff. I am fussy about pizza as a former restaurant owner and am glad I don’t have to try to dodge talking about the quality. I won’t lie about something as important as pizza.

Farouk Elsaghir and his family bought the restaurant almost eight years ago and have been quite successful with it.

So why are they in the sights of the woke mobs?

Well, Farouk is very outspoken with his political views on the Facebook page for their Airdrie restaurant. He has not been supportive of vaccine mandates and he celebrated that they provided free pizzas to the Truckers for Freedom Convoy when they passed through Airdrie.

In other words, Farouk committed blasphemy in the world of the intolerant woke.

The sensitive left has been indignant and swarming his businesses for over a year. They have been posting fake reviews about the restaurants, spreading false rumours, and now have been pressuring the local Chamber of Commerce and the City of Airdrie itself.

I went through similar crap when I owned my pub and had pissed off the Alberta Nurses Union on Twitter (not hard to do). Suddenly about 40 one-star ratings for my pub appeared on Google. Thankfully Google rectified it. While it’s not the end of the world having false ratings out there, it doesn’t help in a narrow-margin industry.

They want Paul’s to go out of business and don’t care about the dozens of people it would put out of work. They are a mindless pack of enraged cretins who think they will do the world a favour by tearing others down.

Farouk has taken the right approach. He isn’t apologizing and continues to post his views while running his establishment. There is never anything to be gained in capitulating or apologizing to the snowflake crowd with their little torches and pitchforks. It only makes them hungrier.

The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce appears to be as woke and biased as the wretched Calgary Chamber is. Paul’s had been nominated for a “Greatest Impact” business award by the Chamber in 2021 and was a finalist. The Airdrie Chamber recently put out an untrue Tweet when responding to somebody complaining as they claimed Paul’s had been disqualified. Farouk quickly exposed the misinformation from the Chamber as representatives from Paul’s Pizza had been at the awards gala in person and still had the certificate. Pathetic behaviour from a Chamber that ostensibly is supposed to stand up for businesses.

Paul’s was nominated as they have continually been an active community member, a responsible business and they regularly donate to charities. In the last week, they raised over $3,000 for earthquake relief in Syria. They regularly raise funds for local causes ranging from Parkinson’s disease research to animal rescue societies.

Paul’s is a great, small local business that employs a large number of people and provides fantastic food.

One doesn’t need to agree with or even like Farouk. It’s fair game to refuse to eat there and to tell other people that you think they shouldn’t because you think Farouk is a jerk.

Trying to shut them down though crosses the line. Pressuring the local Chamber, spreading false rumours, and giving false food reviews is petty and destructive.

The efforts to cancel Paul’s are failing. His business is as busy as ever. It is still annoying to see self-important losers trying to shut him down all the same.

The best response is to ensure Paul’s remains busy and prosperous.

Check them out folks. Grab a meal there or pick one up. You won’t be disappointed. You will get a good feed, will support a good business and you will take a shot back at the cancel mob.

Nothing will drive the vindictive little business destroyers crazier than seeing Paul’s Pizza’s branches continue to prosper and be packed with happy customers.

Feed yourself. Not the cancellers.

Once sitting on a full stomach, be sure to read your copy of the Sovereigntist’s Handbook as you digest. You have a copy right?

If not, get out there and download/order my book dammit.


One thought on “A cancel mob is trying to shut down a small, Alberta business

  1. Hi Mr. Morgan – we need your help and suggestions:
    Friends and I were talking about the Cdn. gov’t. What a joke it is. A BAD joke!
    Anyway, the thought occurred to us (and no doubt you may have already had this same thought)……that, unless the NDP pulls out ‘now’ from the partnership with the Lib’s. there’ll be no early election so the Conserve’s can win. However, and more importantly, when the election is held in 2025, the Lib’s should loose, but those who usually vote for them may now vote for the NDP…basically changing nothing and probably making it all WORSE. Just a thought. How can we get rid of both of these treasonist parties now to ensure a real change in this messed up gov’t?

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