Fired for being effective.

 Well folks, I guess we really shouldn’t be all that surprised.

 As a reward for being one of the few people in city hall who is actually doing their job, city auditor Tracy McTaggart has been fired.

 This is third-world style politics people and it is nothing short of disgusting. McTaggart exposed the gross mismanagement and possible outright fraud that has been happening under the watch of our current  city council and now she has been fired for it.

 We need to find out which aldermen voted to fire McTaggart and assure that these people are fired in this fall’s civic election.

 What have these aldermen to hide?

 Sorry folks. I can only conclude that those aldermen who fear the auditor are hiding corruption. Their fear of transparency proves that they have something to hide. The next auditor (should we get another one) will not be able to do their job as they know that they will be fired for doing so.

 Calgary needs a true and comprehensive, outside audit ASAP before the paper-shredders can get too far.