You don’t vote? I don’t care.

 Every election whether it is a by-election or a general one, we will inevitably hear about those poor, hard-done-by disengaged folks who could not be bothered to vote. Often the losing side likes to play with the numbers to try and undercut the support that was there for the winning side. We saw that when people tried to downplay the victory by the Stelmach PCs in 2008 and we see some of it now with the Hinman win in Calgary Glenmore. “well ya know, with all eligible taken into account the support was only 20%…” yadda yadda yadda.

 Well, people always claim they want honesty from politicians (though they often regret asking for it). As  a person who has run in an election or two I am going to say something honest. I don’t care what people who don’t vote think!

 Ahh, that feels better.

 I tire of people yelping about how politicians have to reach out to those who are taking their great democratic right for granted. I tire of those who are too intellectually (or physically) lazy to vote asking for others to cater to their concerns.

 We are extremely fortunate in that we have a democratic system that allows everybody to participate whether it is running for office, forming a party or doing the extremely simple act of voting. It is almost cliche, but it is extremely valid; people around the world are dying for the right to vote. In light of the risks some folks take to participate in democracy, why should I shed a tear for somebody who can’t pull their ass off the couch for 20 minutes every few years?

 I will relate a story about an election I was in a few years ago. I had a couple native reserves in my constituency. I got a phone call from a resident on one of these reserves howling that I had ignored their area in the campaign and implied that this was due to racism. Now an irony in this is that I was the only candidate with some native heritage in that election and that I did indeed waste an entire day campaigning on that reserve. When I say wasted my day I mean it. The turnout was something like 6% in that election on that reserve.

 Look at some political reality people. I had 28 days to convince as many people as possible to choose me as their representative. A campaigner has to be strategic in that scenario as opposed to idealistic. Realistically a politician would be very lucky to meet 30% of the constituents face to face in a campaign. Now in light of that, why on earth would a candidate pursue a demographic that is prone to not going to the polls? Left. right or center it is sort of stupid to pursue the vote of people who do not vote.

 We only have so many means to keep our elected officials in check. The most important one by a long shot is the vote.

 Voter apathy is a problem, of that there is no doubt. We should discuss and try to find means of increasing the participation of the electorate. If people think that they are sending any sort of message to any politicians by staying at home however, they are deluding themselves (this stands for people who think ballot spoiling sends a message or something too).

 Whether a person votes for a fringe party, an independent or a frontrunner, they have at least had an impact no matter how small it seems. When a person does not vote at all they have had utterly no impact and they only have themselves to blame.

 Quit blaming politicians for your apathy. While many may say otherwise I will answer honestly; we don’t care if you won’t vote.

 I do care about issues that go beyond election issues. I certainly will never model any form of campaign about what the chronically apathetic take issue with however.

 As for excuses not to vote, they are nothing less than that. I covered the commonly used excuses for not voting here some time ago.

 If you have concerns and you want politicians to pay attention, may I strongly suggest that you vote. It sort of only makes sense doesn’t it?

Yet another pathetic deportation story.

 Each seems to get more disgusting than the last.

 Cesar Benjamin Guzman was convicted of raping an 87 year old woman almost 5 years ago. This is not speculation. This sick sick man was convicted.

 Now anybody with a glimmer of common sense would conclude that if we can get this piece of garbage out of our country that we would do so at the first opportunity.

 Sadly(and not unexpectedly), the imbeciles in our immigration system have  decided that we should not deport this man. We should keep him in Canada and simply cross our fingers that he does not rape people any longer.

 While legitimate immigrants get deported for things as trivial as working more than one job, rapists and drug dealers get every benefit of the doubt in our system.

 One need not be a master in the study of demographics to see where this sort of trend will lead us. Canada relies on immigration and we get some excellent citizens from it. If we insist on keeping only the human filth and deporting the productive, where does this leave us?

 I propose that the people sit on these immigration hearings should have to billet the people they say are safe in our country. Will they feel comfortable with Guzman watching over their grandmother at home? Would they like to have Jackie Tran pop out for a few drinks with their kids?

 You know, I suspect that the people on these boards would answer no to the above questions were they presented to them. So in light of that; HOW THE HELL DO YOU GUYS JUSTIFY MAKING THE REST OF THE POPULACE DEAL WITH THESE VIOLENT CRIMINALS???

Concerned Clowns Canada


AKA Concerned Christians Canada (a small religious lobby group) is outraged that the Calgary Zoo has a sculpture depicting a dancing elephant outside of their elephant area.


 Never mind that the sculpture has been there for nearly two years already and nobody really cared. Never mind that Ganesh is a cultural icon (yes a God) that is rather strongly represented in the very area that Calgary’s elephants originate. This outrageous display of religion must be stopped!!! (at least the kooks at the CCC think so)

 One must feel pretty weak in their faith if they fear that the mere sight of a sculpture will suddenly make them renounce and convert to Hinduism.

 There are some very real issues facing people of faith these days. The actions of Human Rights Commissions comes to mind. Fringe groups demanding that religious organizations perform ceremonies that clash with their faith is another.

 A bloody comical looking statue though? Come on you guys. There really must be something better that you could be doing.

 Actions from groups like this only serve to further marginalize people of faith within society.

 I haven’t been to the zoo in years. Perhaps it is time to take the kids down there this weekend.

Keep gagging those MLAs Ed.

The Stelmach caucus It is not terribly surprising. Despite having lost what would have been considered one of the PCs safest seats a couple weeks ago, Special Ed clearly has not learned a lesson from it. Ed was sent a message but the message fell on deaf ears. One of the turning points of the Calgary Glenmore by-election campaign was when Diane Colley-Urquhart stated at a forum that she would not put the interests of her constituents ahead of the interests of the party. While Diane was admirably honest in saying that, it killed her chances of winning the seat. People want representation. Is it really that confusing?

 We see now that Kyle Fawcett has been spanked for daring to speak up for his constituents.  Kyle will no doubt be hidden in the back benches for at least an entire term for his attempted show of integrity.

 It is so laughable (in a sad way) when PC candidates try to claim that the only way to get a voice in the legislature is to support the governing party. It is rather clear that the exact opposite is the reality.

 A vote for the PCs is simply a vote for the dictatorial judgement of Ed Stelmach. No PC MLA is allowed to speak for themselves or their constituents. This is pretty much a proven fact now. A vote for the PCs is nothing less than a wasted vote. One almost has to wonder why we have 83 seats? Why don’t we eliminate them and simply make one nice big throne for Ed?

 The Wildrose Alliance Party will allow MLAs to represent their constituents. It is clear that Albertans are realizing this as the party growth has been explosive.

 I do fear for how much damage Ed Stelmach will do to the province before Albertans get the next chance to replace him. I am happy though that the replacement for Ed and his tired party is well in the works.

The Calgary Glenmore campaign.

Well, this morning I decided I would post pictures from the campaign and how it progressed. What I have now realized is that I don’t have all that many shots of the campaign. The bottom line is that we were simply too damn busy to be thinking of taking shots.

Ahh well, I will post what I have.

The work began weeks before Ed decided to drop a summer writ in vain hope that a sleepy electorate would give his incompetence a pass. Paul was hitting doors for 12 hours per day while we had signs advertising for and building our local membership in the constituency.


Construction and preparation of the signs was done well before the writ-drop. We intended to hit the ground running and we did so.


Our first large volunteer event was on the Saturday after the election was called. The weather was beautiful and close to 60 volunteers participated throughout the day dropping literature throughout the constituency.


Back in the campaign office we had some pretty late nights. While often enthusiastic, Stewie usually ran out of steam early. I can report that Stewie is thrilled with the electoral outcome and even more overjoyed that he no longer has to go to the office. Stewie’s bed at home is more comfortable to him than his station under the reception desk.


Election night and victory!!! Yes, a big leap through the campaign but as I said, I have few pictures of that period.  We watched the polls come in and the excitement in the room grew by the minute. The media that had ignored us suddenly flooded into the room after having abandoned the headquarters of the other campaign (just one of many groups that underestimated both us and the wisdom of the voters in Calgary Glenmore). Below is Jane announcing that the Liberals have conceded the win to Paul. As you can imagine, the room went rather wild.


Paul was rather happy as well of course. I really don’t know where that man gets his energy from. Late at night I would be fighting to keep my eyes open in the office. Meanwhile Paul would come in after another 12 hours of doorknocking high-spirited and wishing that there were more hours in the day. Nobody can deny that Paul worked incredibly hard for his well-deserved win.


Pictured below are some of the key people who worked tirelessly on the campaign. Many other awesome volunteers are not in the picture unfortunately. It is hard to round everybody up in the midst of a victory celebration.



The day after the campaign we discovered that somebody had gone throughout the constituency and speared many many of our signs as pictured below.



If embittered losers such as that are the kind of people in opposition to us, I think we are well along the right track.

Video time.

Ahh it has been a frantic week (but in a great way). I am now posting video of the Wildrose Alliance Party’s leadership forum from Wednesday night at the Blackfoot Inn.

 I was sorely tempted to edit out my repeated brainfarts as the forum moderator when I referred to a candidate by the wrong name a couple times. Perhaps posting that portion will help inspire me not to do such again.

 Last night’s forum in Lethbridge had a packed house again and I got the names correct the entire evening.

 A great thank you to Jamie Buchan who thought he was simply attending a forum and found himself handed a video camera and was voluntold to tape the proceedings.

 The processing and uploading takes forever so I will be adding links throughout the day as they get up on the site.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13 (last one)

Incapable of learning a lesson.

 While Special Ed petulantly refuses to welcome Alberta’s latest member to the legislature, Diane Colley-Urquhart is displaying why she earned “also-ran” status and was blown away in the by-election and displaying that she has not a clue why.

 Here is one quote from Colley-Urquhart post-election:

“”I have no comment on the Wildrose Alliance party. I don’t know much about them at all,”

 OK so lets get this straight, after 28 days of campaigning you still don’t know much about the winning party. Wow, way to campaign with an informed plan. Your myopic ignorance of electoral trends served you well Diane.

 From further into the piece:

“She added she didn’t know why a majority of voters in the byelection gravitated toward the party, choosing it instead of the long-ruling Tories and the established Liberals. She suggested reporters ask voters.”

 How profound! Diane, listen to yourself. You had a month to ask the voters and clearly you did not. In your arrogance you told the voters rather than actually listened to them. Now you are essentially blaming the voters for not choosing such a great candidate as you feel you are.

 Diane you are the Queen of acclamation. I suspect that in a year from now you will not be given a free ride as you have in past municipal elections. If you continue to pout, you will not learn anything from this electoral experience and may very well find yourself completely unemployed in a little more than a year. You have no government job to hedge your electoral bets in the municipal elections, I suggest that you spend this year studying why you were so soundly defeated in what was considered a safe seat for you.

 No need to thank me for the advice Diane. 🙂

Calgary Glenmore Forum.

 Well at least Diane came out and said it outright. Diane Colley-Urquhart will not take a stand on behalf of her constituents, she will take her orders from Ed Stelmach even if it adversely effects Calgary Glenmore.

 It is refreshing seeing a candidate being so open about her self/party interest.

 I think it can be safely concluded that it is rather pointless for the voters in Calgary Glenmore to send yet another hogtied seal from the Progressive Conservative Party to the legislature.

Lying in our faces.

 I am not sure if Bob Rae is losing his marbles or what. In an almost surreal interview the other day, Rae blasted out one incoherent and easily refuted lie after another while on the Rutherford show. It was very odd to listen to.

Links to the interview can be found here.

 Here is a tip for you Bob, if you are going to try and rewrite history, do it with an issue that is more than a year old. Bob denied that the Liberals signed into a coalition last fall, Uh Bob, Canadians may have short memories but we are not that bad. The TV clips of you and Ignatieff signing into that coalition are still rather fresh. The rest of Bob’s almost pathological lies are just as easily refuted.

 The federal Liberals are spoiling for an election of course. I guess they are simply practicing their usual strategy of a bombardment of lies to Canadians. They usually are at least a little more subtle than Bob was the other day. I do hope they are just as insane during the campaign should an election happen.

 On a related front to the potential federal election, Special Ed Stelmach’s main concern is that the election may impact the collection of Kool Aid Kooks who will be meeting in Copenhagen to discuss ineffective solutions to a non-issue. Eddie is worried that he may not get the press he wants when he trumpets his multi-billion dollar boondoggle carbon program while he spends generations of Albertans into potential debt. Glad Ed has his priorities straight for Alberta.