Put a fork in him, he’s done.



 Many people have been becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the actions of Harper in his mad pursuit to try and gain a majority government. There has been the declaration of Quebec as a nation, the insane spending increases, the complete flip/flop on the income-trust issue, the capitulation to the eco-kooks on carbon policy and on and on and on.

 Nothing better illustrates Harper’s complete sellout of his own principles better than his recently quoting John Maynrd Keynes in defense of his garbage “stimulus” package. CP documents this here:

“But I was taught early in economics classes, the famous economist John Maynard Keynes said that, ‘At times like this, we remember that in the long run, we’re all dead.’ So right now, we worry about the short term. We are worried about the short term, and we’ve got to get things right now.”

Yes the direct quote above is from Steven Harper. Harper always claimed to have been strongly influenced by Hayek and Friedman who both very effectively and completely discredited Keynes socialist theories.

 In Harper’s own thesis, he spoke of the dangers of embracing Keynesian economics in order to win elections.

From Harper’s thesis:

“Minority governments show no particular tendency to fiscally irresponsible

behaviour, contrary to some theoretical predictions.”

“A general observation would be that, while there is no evidence of a ‘chronic deficit’ tendency in Canada historically, neither is it clear how such a problem is resolved once it occurs.”

“The record indicates that particularly activist Keynesian policy has been rare in the postwar period. The results indicated that it should remain so.”

 To act against your own principles is one thing (and still not a good thing), but to directly quote from the economist that Harper claimed for so long was misguided is astounding.

 Harper has utterly no principle left and will do utterly anything in order to gain the brass ring of a majority.

 The irony is that Harper’s efforts will not gain him a majority. If people want a Liberal Prime Minister, they will elect one. Ignatieff is at least honest about his liberal nature. Harper could not pull an election victory from the inept Dion, there is no way in hell Harper will get one from Ignatieff.

 If indeed we in Alberta have any hope for a fiscally responsible government, we must look to our provincial legislature. The federal parliament is clearly a waste of time.

 With Deficit Ed Stelmach in power, we certainly have our work cut out for us provincially as well.

Another gem from Pat Condell.

 There are few things that are more effective in getting me to address an issue than having a person or group say that I should not talk about that issue.

 The cowardice on the the part of western elected officials when it comes to protecting freedom of speech for critics of Islam (the religion of peace) is staggering.

 If there is ever going to be an end to the worldwide slaughter and terror perpetuated by Islamic extremists, we need to be able to openly discuss the actions of them.

 As always, Mr. Condell excellently explains the gutless actions of England’s parliament in the video below.

 Geert Wilders has been a controversial figure for a variety of reasons. When Wilders made the video below, the Islamic world predictably went postal, called for the death of Wilders and has been working very hard to pressure politicians worldwide to make the man persona non grata worldwide.

 Sadly to a degree the Islamic extremists have been successful in their efforts of censorship and terror.

 What was not factual in the video that Wilders produced? Utterly nothing. All Wilders did was compile actions carried out by Islamic extremists. Wilders also showed some of the writings in the Koran that extremists use to justify their actions. Finally, Wilders demonstrated the leadership in the Muslim world encouraging their followers to continue to carry out slaughter and terror around the world.

 Nothing hurts more than the truth. Nothing seems to put Islamic extremists into a frenzy more effectively than the truth.

 We need to stop tiptoeing around the issue. Extreme Islam has been causing misery around the world and the actions of the followers of that faith are growing worse. As we try appeasement through the suppression of free speech and critical comment of the Islamic faith, we only make the job of these murderous thugs even easier.

 I suggest that everybody get themselves a copy of the Qur’an and read for themselves. I have little use for any organized religion. At least the teachings of the new testament call for peace and forgiveness. Hindu’s are well known for peaceful efforts and introverted Buddhists go out of their way to avoid harm to others. The Qur’an preaches little more than violence, intolerance and the suppression of women.

 It is little wonder that Islam stands out so predominantly in contemporary religious based actions.

 We must be able to speak about this.

The Qur’an challenge.


 Why is it that so many members of “the religion of peace” resort to threats of violence whenever anybody dares to question aspects of their faith?

 I have seen it first hand when attending a “peace” protest here in Calgary. These people have the nerve to even use the word peace while waving a Hezbolla flag and chanting death to the Jews. While at this “peace” rally, I met a young Hasidic Jew who had fallen for the “peace” message and came out with a home-made sign saying shalom along with an actual message of peace. He was nearly in tears when he approached me and said “they are waving ***ing Hezbollah flags.”. The open minded young fellow was quickly disillusioned when he found that these “peace” activists have nothing but hatred and contempt within them. The young man was bullied and threatened right out of the rally.

 Myself and some others were in a small group holding signs differing in opinion from the pro-terrorist bunch. We were surrounded by police officers who feared for our safety as the “peace” protesters were beginning to get rather threatening.

Islamic Rage Boy


 Ahh yes. Peace indeed.

 Another element that we constantly see from the activist segment of the Islamic population is utter contempt for the concept of free speech. The abuse of our Human Rights Commissions in Canada demonstrates that very well.

 Going outside of the available legal mechanisms to stifle free speech, the activist crowd has been quite effective in organizing to suppress critical content on the web.

 The video above was created by a young comedian named Steven Crowder. I have seen better comedy to be honest, but Crowder makes interesting and valid points in this video. Nothing he has pointed out is false and he is quoting directly from the Holy Book of Peace.

 For his efforts, Crowder has been predictibly exposed to a flood of death threats and every possible effort has been made to remove his video from the net. The video is coming and going and constantly being flagged as hateful until proven otherwise as Islamic activists wear out their mouse buttons harassing YouTube.

 As of this posting, we can see that the comments on the video are at 5,712. A rather huge number of comments. The reason for this is that clearly bored activist Islamics watch postings on the comment thread. When any comment is supportive of the video, they quickly flood the page with some Islamic gibberish and push the favorable comment off of the page. I wish I had such free time on my hands.

I tire of this endless fight against open dialog. I am more than tired of the apologists for this faith. I understand that the majority of muslims are moderate and take no part in this lunacy. Despite that, there is no question that the Islamic world has cornered the market for human rights violations, terrorist attacks and threats to free speech whether journalists or bloggers. That apparently tiny minority within the faith is doing terrific damage.

 I sure wish I would see some effort on the part of the moderate majority to calm down their violent minority.

 Why are so many fearful of direct quotes from the Koran anyway?

Don’t question the King!!

 It is pathetic seeing the PC lapdogs twisting, turning and generally refusing to answer in what was a blatant assault by their party on the democratic process in Alberta.

 Question period in the legislature is of limited use at the best of times, but it is worthwhile to pop in for a look to see how the government arrogantly refuses to answer legitimate questions from the opposition.

 Which part of Gibson actually doing his job annoyed King special Ed Stelmach?

 Was it the finding of 11 electoral violations and recomendation for legal followup that irked His Highness?

 Was it Gibson’s questioning of the clear impropriety of having the Progressive Conservative Party handpick each and every returning officer in the province?

 Perhaps it was Gibson bringing light to Eddie’s lie regarding fixed election dates as documented here.

 It could be any of the other 100 and some recommendations that Gibson presented to Emperor Ed in trying to increase democracy in Alberta. Eddie arrogantly dismissed all of the recommendations of course.

 I suspect that it was a mix of all the above reasons. The biggest sin that Gibson committed was to try and do his job. Gibson remained impartial and refused to lick the feet of Mr. Ed. For doing his job Gibson was promptly fired.

 We can be assured that the next Chief Electoral Officer will do whatever the PC party tells them if they want to keep their job. There is no role in the civil service where impartiality and protection from government interference is more important than that of the Chief Electoral Officer of Alberta. The Alberta Progressive Conservatives led by Special Ed Stelmach have now compromised the integrity of that critical posting. We can likely look forward to further drops in electoral turnout as cynicism grows in the Alberta electorate.

 It must be difficult for PC MLAs to sleep at night. I know some of them had ideals at one time. Their silence is certainly deafening now.

Unions at work.


 Well I see that CUPE Ontario has ,voted to boycott anything Israel in a fine political stand. Their wingnut leader Sid Ryan stated that Ontario should ban Israeli professors who refuse to condemn the state of Israel. As CUPE is very involved with Ontario universities, this is no small threat.

 Is this what it has come to? Unions will now dictate what university professors are allowed to say and think?

 Before the inevitable apologists try to lowball the bigoted actions of CUPE, keep in mind that this is one of the largest unions in Canada. This is not simply the stance of their leader. Hundreds of delegates voted for this Israeli boycott representing over 200,000 Ontario members.

 I understand that the left has embraced anti-semitism lately and somehow view the millions and millions of Muslims who surround Israel and call for Israel’s annihilation are somehow underdogs who need protection. I understand that leftists view Israel’s being a democracy that allows freedom of speech, religion etc as abhorrent. I understand that the left has decided to be sympathetic to dictatorial Islamic states that suppress basic human rights for those who are gay, female or non-muslim.

 I don’t understand why we tolerate our civil-service unions embracing and promoting that sickening leftist view on the world. Are these unions or political activist groups?

 To those who still feel that those obsolete institutions that we call unions still have a place in Canada may I offer some advice? The public is tiring of this activist and divisive bullshit. Unions are becoming increasingly irrelevant and you can rest assure that actions such as CUPE’s and the postal unions are wearing very thin on the Canadian public. I suggest that union members who value their organized state encourage their leadership to get back to representing employees as they are supposed to.

 I was disgusted a couple summers ago when I attended a “peace protest” against Israel. I saw people waving Hezbollah flags and chanting death to the Jews. Mixed among those “peace protesters” were the flags and banners of a variety of unions.

 Unions will never win my heart. I already see them as a lost and dying cause in Canada and look forward to their end.

 Be assured union folks, your actions are bringing an increasing amount of Canadians to my point of view.

 Hmm, come to think of  it, keep up the good work.

Are you watching Pincott?

I may as well  bring up Calgary’s predominant raging greenie on Calgary’s city council as the latest idiotic initiative from the McGuinty government seems right up Brian Pincott’s alley. It is expensive, intrusive, poorly timed and will really do nothing to save the planet from the perceived evils of global warming.

 Ontario will soon have mandatory home energy audits.

 Ahh yes. As the real-estate values plummet across the continent, it has been determined that homeowners must now piss hard earned dollars into hiring a green auditor to check for as of yet unspecified violations against mother earth.

 Lets forget the reality that wise prospective home-buyers will check for such things as poor insulation and frosted windows all by themselves. Lets forget that simple economics drive people to try to keep their homes more energy efficient.

 We clearly need an army of bureaucrats and inspectors to come out and check for evil un-green acts.

 Since most people make efforts to keep their homes energy efficient already, what is the real motive behind this new initiative? I can only assume that they will be checking for things that most homeowners have not addressed out of self-interest.

 One violation I can see will be when inspectors check pantries and see foods that contribute to methane production.


 Now when our hairy little inspector sees a scene such as the one depicted above we can see the conflict beginning. Organic beans are indeed politically correct and they may even be “fair trade” ones. How many distant polar bears will drown due to massive ice-melt in the Arctic when this selfish homeowner consumes these beans and farts the earth into a premature armageddon?

 Will they check our closets to be assured that we simply wear a sweater on cold nights rather than turn up the heat?

 Will we be pilloried if we have toothpaste that was not packaged in an eco-friendly box?

 Will we lose ratings if we do not keep a rotting pile of leftovers in our backyard for compost?

 The possibilities are endless.

 Sadly the wasteful and idiotic concepts of the green crowd in their attempts to manage our lives have no end either.

Well it was inevitable I guess.


 Yes, the tall-foreheads working within the CRTC have determined that Canadians have enjoyed quality content on the internet for too long. It is simply un-Canadian to have people view information without it being taxed and regulated by our Ministry of Truth.

 I do hope the above picture satisfies the coming internet requirements for Canadian content. I assure all thought-police members that not only is the depicted moose of an identifiable group of challenged sexual orientation, he is black and I have been assured that he is bilingual. You don’t get more politically correct and Canadian than that do you?

 Of course, the thought-police have not determined exactly how they will enforce their goal of  increased Canadian content on the net yet. They have determined that we will all be taxed by our service providers to the tune of around $100 million in order to reach those goals. 

 It is not enough that the CBC is howling and demanding that Canadians increase their funding from the billion per year in order to produce crappy Canadian content. We need taxpayers to be raped so that the internet can reach the low standard of value that our state broadcaster provides.

 We can only guess what we can look forward to when the regulators get their grimy little hands on another $100 million. To begin with, they doubtless will lobby for more funding as they will have underestimated the costs of spoon-feeding us content that they determine is appropriate. Next I imagine that every Canadian blogger will have to employ translators to assure that every posting may be read in French, Cree and Sanskrit. Canadian flag images will have to be placed on the background of every web-page and any commentary that may be entertaining or informative shall be quashed.

 We are in a recession and watching every level of government sinking into deficit due to overspending. Despite this, our bureaucrats can find nothing better to do than steal and spend more of our limited money on idiotic ventures.

 Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in the position of an increasing number of Canadians dying on a waiting list due to our collapsing socialized medical system, you may take comfort on your journey to the great unknown in knowing that should you have an internet obituary it will be provided to all that care in both official languages.