Wildrose Party Nominations

Listed below are profiles for every constituency in Alberta. Keep coming back for updates.

Dave Cournoyer runs a very good site covering Albertan nominations in general. This site will remain specific to Wildrose Party nominations, news and events.

If you are considering running for a Wildrose Party nomination or simply want to closely observe the race, the entire set of nomination rules can be downloaded in the link below.

Wildrose Party Candidate Selection Rules and Procedures -(Approved January 25, 2014)

Constituencies will be updated as nomination races open up and are held. If you know of people pursuing nominations or any nomination news email albertarep@hotmail.com so that the constituency may be updated.

Click here if you aren’t certain which constituency you live in.

*Constituencies with an asterisk next to them have an incumbent Wildrose MLA and are subject to different nomination rules

2 thoughts on “Wildrose Party Nominations

  1. Just what does acclaimed signify: only candidate who let his/her name stand? only candidate allowed by the party leadership to run? direct appointment by the party leadership? or….? Given the overwhelming number who have gone in by acclamation, I consider this an extremely important question.

  2. The best interest and membership builder of any CA is a good lively Nomination contest. That includes CA’s with an incumbent. To deny the CA membership of the chance to choose is against the basics of democracy and the fact it was engineered by our party to take away the nomination process is shameful and an ugly living abcess on those who worked this on us in the past.

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