Whose money is it?

 I will begin by saying I am not terribly enthusiastic with the latest Wildrose Party campaign pledge which is to cut a dividend cheque back to Albertans from future surplus funds. This concept has potential to become terribly inefficient and complicated and I could foresee the administration costs of this alone eating up a great deal of the funds being given back to Albertans. I much rather would see a more efficient and simple cut to the rate of our income tax with any future surplus funds being dedicated to a fund that could generate revenues thus leading to even more tax reductions.

 That all being said, what I fully agree with in principle is getting those dollars back into the pockets of Albertans even if I don’t feel that the Wildrose picked the most efficient way to do so. Government is way too big and encompassing as it is and getting money back to citizens where it belongs is always a good idea.

 Now there is a class of folks who really do not think much of Albertans at large out there. These people feel that we are a province populated by hicks and uncultured folks who really need a big nanny government to guide and direct us in all of our actions and expenditures. We have seen this in the actions of Nanny Redford as the bulk of her legislation has been dedicated towards further controlling the actions of Albertans whether it is in educational choice, healthy living or even control of the disposition of our property. We are not to be trusted with those responsibilities and they really should be taken out of our collectively incompetent hands and put into the wise guidance of a large intrusive government for our own good.

 What has been interesting lately though has been how open this attitude has been getting. Redford came right out and said that she wants to change the very character of Albertans. Nanny Redford truly feels that it is her right and responsibility as Premier to adjust the character of Albertans to whatever her personal vision for us is to be.

Parties even farther to the left such as the NDP and Alberta Party are of course even more inclined to have big-government control all of our actions as individuals thus their minuscule support in a province like Alberta which is populated by individualists.

 Now I do have to thank Alberta Party representative Chris McClure for encapsulating the patronizing attitude held by the big government set in two tweets.

 First Chris said:           “yeah, give the masses back more money to waste, rather than using it to make healthcare and education better. Dumb policy”

 Yes, to these people Alberta citizens are simply “the masses” who are assumed to waste any money that may end up in their hands as opposed to being taken by government. We simply cannot be trusted to have our own money. Now there are two assumptions being made here by Chris. One is wrong and the other is simply offensive. Chris’s assumption that government will always spend excess dollars to improve healthcare and education for Albertans is simplistic and outright wrong. The offensive assumption is that Albertans will simply waste money if allowed to keep it themselves.

 Next in response Chris goes even further with: “if people could spend money wisely, personal debt issues would not be an issue. Expect most people to go buy a new tv”

 Yes, Chris feels if only government were big enough we all would not have personal debt issues. Perhaps we could ban borrowing? Who knows. Chris has made it clear that if we are allowed to have OUR OWN MONEY in our pockets we will simply waste it on unimportant items.

 Now who the hell are you to determine what is unimportant to individuals anyway Chris? It is our money. If we want to give it to charity or blow it on magic beans, it really is none of your damned business.

 Control is what it is all about people. That is why folks like Chris and his Alberta Party and Redford with her Progressive party try to assume more and more control of our lives and why they are terrified of empowering things such as personal choice, property and wealth.

 Again, I may not fully agree with the release by Wildrose Party I most strongly agree with the principle that it represents in that we as Albertans know how best to spend OUR  money.

 It appears so far that only the Wildrose Party is showing the respect  we deserve in working towards further empowering Alberta citizens and working towards the smaller more accountable government that we need and deserve.

 The “beer and popcorn” patronism fell flat when the federal Liberals used it and it will not win the hearts of Albertans as Liberals within the PC and Alberta Party use it either.

7 thoughts on “Whose money is it?

  1. As a response, first I’ll say that it is my opinion alone and not that of the Alberta Party. I disliked it when the PCs did it a few years ago, and would not vote for a party that would run a campaign on it, including the Alberta Party.

    Second, my reasons for believing it will go to waste is from what I see around me. People with huge amounts of debt, buying big houses, crap they don’t need but they want, and yearly vacations to Vegas and Mexico. I personally don’t want to be stuck holding the bill when we go through another down turn (which will happen) and people are foreclosing and declaring bankruptcy because they can’t save for the future and then want the government to bail them out.

    How about this – the government saves that money, invests in schools, post-secondary education, hospitals, roads, and the environment. Make Alberta a place where people want to settle down with their families instead of making some fast money in Fort Mac and then leaving.

  2. Maybe if the government took less money from the people they would have less debt? Even if they are in debt, it’s not the government’s responsibility to decide whether or not they should have credit — That is the decision between the creditor and the lender. What needs to happen to avoid excessive debt is for the individual and the lending institution to take responsibility for their own actions and not ask the government for a bailout if they make poor decision. And its up to the government to show some real leadership and deny bailouts to people and institutions who get into trouble because of their own actions.

    Cory I completely agree with you. I agree with the principle of this, but there is so much room for abuse with this program. Reduce taxes; personal, small business, and corporate, to leave more money in the pockets of Albertans. Reducing taxes for all will allow more job creation, more money for individuals to spend as they need, and make Alberta more competitive as a place for people to move to, raise their families, and continue to make this province even better.

  3. So how do you know they have huge amounts of debt? If they have debt, how do you know they wouldn’t use the money to pay down their debt? If they had more disposable income, they should therefore have less need to take on debt?
    Did you personally co-sign their loans?
    If anything Government is operating in a manner of inefficiency, money and funding is hardly the biggest issue with government..Bloating it more, will just lead to more public liabilities down the road.

  4. Chris – You cannot stop, can you, making judgements about what people choose to spend their money on. That attitude stunk for Scott Reid, he of beer and popcorn fame and it stinks from you. You have no bloody right to whine on about others choices of houses, vacations or even a new TV.

    The Progressive party, the Alberta party, just a bunch of nannies. I had one of those as a preschooler and I do not need one now. Not nanny Redford, nanny Sue, or you.

  5. Wow, it’s our money. Golly gee, thanks for pointing that out! Now how about we as Albertans invest that money in ourselves as a whole by the direction of our elected governemtn officials. A little for everyone doesn’t go as far as a lot for the whole.

  6. Spoken like a true socialist… Believing government knows best….Wake up call Chris , some of us can accomplish better things for our families with 200.00 than the government could accomplish wasting 2 million…

  7. I don’t see Albertans going through the hardships today under a supposedly oppressive taxation regime anywhere near to what we’d see as ramifications of a return to pre-WWII policies. Government intervention in the economy, INCLUDING TAXATION (and the spending associated with it), is justified by market failures!! You want some more Dirty Thirties?

    And in terms of finding the sweet spot between government waste and market deficiencies, Danielle will likely take us closer to where we want to be. But that won’t be by cutting taxes, or by giving everyone $400(which I consider so so disappointing by the way). I agree more or less with Chris – it’ll be by maintaining education, those research grants and contributing to the Heritage Fund. She’s buying votes, hopefully we end up with a solid fiscal policy.

    And what’s with the supply-side economics you’re mixing in here Cory? I’d encourage you to look at what happened under Reagan and George W. Bush. Lowering taxes was quite the failure in both of those cases. And in a province with already some of the lowest tax rates in North America, it would be an even bigger failure. I see very little justification for that.

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