When are unions going to address their diversity issue?

Typically diverse union gathering

The social justice left loves to demand diversity among organizations. They demand quotas and call for affirmative action plans. They decry companies and political organizations as “old white boy” networks and love to post any picture which doesn’t show an evident rainbow of different races and genders.

The other thing the left loves of course is labor unions.

It only stands to reason that labor union leadership will reflect the diversity that decades of progressive activism has demanded right?

I did a pretty simple search. Wikipedia provides a handy list of unions operating within Canada. I just clicked on each and noted the race and gender of the union president. A few didn’t list their executive members for some reason but I got to fifty and figured it was a decent sampling of who is leading labor unions active in Canada.

Well, much to my astonishment and surprise, it turns out 41 out of 50 union presidents were men!

One would have thought that the activist left would have brought the male leadership ratio below 82 percent by now.

Well perhaps the race thing is more balanced. I didn’t find pictures of every president but from what I could gather, 46 out of 50 union presidents are white!

How can this be? Is it a conspiracy led by the patriarchy? Did the KKK infiltrate union membership to the point where they won’t elect non-white presidents?

There has to be some unsavory organization preventing these bastions of progressive thought from practicing what they preach.

Until the left can resolve their clear diversity issues within their own ranks, perhaps they should keep their collective traps shut on diversity in other organizations. Their silence on the union issue is rather deafening.

The ball’s in your court now Gil

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