Violent criminals have been released among the Canadian public

Remember when folks were calling for emptying Canada’s jail cells due to Coronavirus concerns were assuring us that it would only be “nonviolent” criminals who would be released?

Well that didn’t last long.

Global news is reporting that judges are releasing a growing number of violent criminals due to the pandemic.

We are not talking about shoplifters here.

Among those released, one was a getaway driver in a murder attempt, one pistol whipped and tasered two people and one was accused in a recent shooting.

I should clarify that these people were accused, not convicted. All the same, we incarcerate people accused of such violent crimes for good reason. There is a high likelihood that they will harm other people if they are free.

The thieves and drug dealers being released are not harmless either though some may consider them not to be violent.

What will these criminals do with their new found freedom? Seek jobs? Do volunteer work in the community?

For the most part these people have no stable network of friends and family to settle in with during the quarantine. They will be displaced, stressed and desperate. Then they will often try to rob people which can lead to some pretty dire results.

Our nation has put its law abiding citizens under house arrest and is releasing its violent offenders. What a gross and dangerous trend.

I suggest that folks who own firearms double check and ensure that their firearms are well maintained and ready for use. Those without firearms had best double check their home security and seek other ways to defend their families.

The pandemic shutdown has many associated impacts which can hurt people and crime will be one of them.

When the state refuses to protect the citizens, the citizens must protect themselves.

I hope this is remembered in the courts when the self-defense cases begin to roll in.

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