Vaccination is the only way out of this mess

Yes I know that Covid-19 almost exclusively only kills the already dying.

Yes I know that the media and some self-serving elements of government have hyped the risks of Covid.

Yes I know that the initial modelling of the death rates due to Covid was utter bunk.

Yes I know that our policies have been driven more by fear than reason but we have to admit it, fear has won the day.

We have to take our medicine and get this damn pandemic into our rearview mirror while we still have a shred of economy to try and rebuild from.

The real court in this whole affair is the court of public opinion. Whether we like it or not, the majority of the public prefers to see government imposing crushing measures against our economy and free living than to let this bug run it’s course and I see no indication of this changing.

For the last two weeks in a row I have checked out the anti-mask/lockdown protests in Calgary and both times I have come away disappointed. If government is going to feel compelled to back off on restrictions it is going to take a huge groundswell of average citizens and this simply isn’t happening.

Yesterday the weather was as beautiful as it can be in December at nearly 14 degrees. There was little else to do thanks to limits on family gatherings, sports and other forms of weekend entertainment. If indeed there was a growing sentiment to have citizens rise up and tell government to back off, it will have shown yesterday. People should have been coming out in the thousands. Turnout went down.

At best there were perhaps 500 people and the crazy/rational ratio was similar to what I saw the week before. Yes, there were many genuinely concerned people who aren’t crazy who were in attendance but those people need to massively dominate these kinds of gatherings and they aren’t even close. The conspiracy theorists and paranoid dominated the affair and this will assuredly keep any reasonable pushback from growing.

As the first speaker railed on about the extremely well debunked myth that vaccines cause autism, it was clear that there was no grassroots movement of common people growing here.

I understand that the development of the Covid vaccine has been rushed which is of concern. That is a reasonable thing to be worried about. To start into the utter bullshit that vaccines cause autism or that they were modelled to control our minds though helps with nothing.

What do those in opposition of the Covid-19 vaccine want then?

Do they want us to drag out this on again, off again lockdown status for years? If something like a vaccine doesn’t bring this to an end, that is exactly what we will get. People aren’t pushing back en-masse and they clearly won’t.

We need a light at the end of this nightmare tunnel and vaccination is the only thing providing that.

No I don’t support mandatory vaccines. I am hopping though that most people are rational enough to understand that we need to get them.

So yes, I am going to push back against the anti-vaccination kooks who insist that one of the greatest medical developments in a century causes autism or was created by lizard people.

The worst thing that can happen is that the vaccine is ineffective. It is at that point when I think common citizens will finally rise up and say that we have to dump the restrictions and protect the vulnerable as best we can until this thing runs its course.

The bottom line though is that nothing is changing now until the vaccine has been broadly applied and hopefully works.

When people in my age and working bracket are eligible for the vaccine, I will get it without hesitation. I do hope and expect that a majority of other citizens follow suit.

When we are all lizard people together, it won’t seem so bad anyway. Then we can start working on recovering our economy.

6 thoughts on “Vaccination is the only way out of this mess

  1. Cory, You are not unlike MB Premier or Doug Ford calling Covide Lockdown opponents “idiots/yahoos”.

    The concerns about vaccines are real – its not crazy. This Covid response shiws how “Public Health” has been weaponized.

  2. I will consider taking Covid Vaccine after proof all Liberals and their family’s have done so PLUS all HealthCare staff and Top Civil Servants thank you

  3. I think you were called a Waco-doodle before also – how did that feel then – and do you have the comfort of saying “I told you so” now – or not?

  4. When you talked to our Premier, did you ask him:
    1. If we didn’t know about Covid, if we weren’t testing people for Covid, would we think the deaths this year in Seniors (or all ages) were attributable to a virus and were highly abnormal?
    Just over 17000 Albertans over the age of 70 die each year, with about 13000 of those dying from the same comorbidities that are common in those who die ‘from’ Covid. To date, 538 deaths in people over 70 are attributed to Covid. If this was a flu year and we didn’t know about Covid, would the flu be stated as the cause of death for these 538 people? Or would it be the comorbidities?

    2. Every year, statistics for the flu end in the spring. They start fresh in the fall for another flu season. Why aren’t they doing that for Covid? It seems to me that Covid could be around for quite some time…

    26200 people die in Alberta every year. That is in a population of over 4 million people. Covid has taken 615, mostly the frail elderly. As my doctor says, mostly those who are dying are people he kind of expected would die this year…

    As for the vaccine, hopefully people will understand that, like flu vaccines, it doesn’t mean you won’t get Covid after being vaccinated. It means if you do get Covid, you are likely not to be as sick or you may not even know you have got it.

    I don’t see the vaccine as the only way out of this mess (because we really are months and months to years to maybe never for universal world wide access). What we need is honest, transparent and thorough statistics, a risk management plan for Long Term Care homes and a media that wants to inform people, not scare them. (On the whole, I give Kenney a lot of credit as of late.)

    • Best of Luck be thankful you got you 3 score and ten. I shock that with your years of Knowledge suggest that the Media was out to warn them and not scare them. You know what real Journalism thi s is money driven enterprise right or wrong the rich have paid for control of the Medical opinion and have used Medical and the rules that Money has put on our safety standards and Social Distancing alone with Mask Legislation none of that will work, the solution was Hyper cortazoneasone until those standard those money loan controlled said it wont do say it s disqualified and as long as their no cure Its a Higher Danger level . I really should congratulate for Putting up with the world for 71 years, Personally I had Covid twice and the Only way I would think that Since Bill Gates has bought the Patten he releasing the three different strains and passing them off as mutating during the pandemic but the First time I had it and if its another strain then I had the original antibodies and this time it was 24 hours a little longer the first time. It my contention for what ever reason NIH working out of North Carolina developed 3 separate strains of coronavirus In to 3 strain of Covid 19 in 2115 by Dr Facci and He stand next to Trump when he created all the work the world shut down This was Planned when they crossed a common cold with Coronavirus and Created another 911 for greed where as 911 was to cover the 3 trillion in Dept. that why they blew up the accounts department of the Pentagon So it back to Sunday school and good and Evil after all they were factored right out of the picture. and the Jewish boy filed a patient that relate to revelation and the Mark of the Beast and Microsoft registered him as the antichrist and patient 0606060 . so if it between Good or Bad I believe It this way God and Harry Veiner was sitting up in Heaven and Harry says to God I made sure that Isreal got His Home but what did that get me Medicine Hat turned it back on my Wishes The my Son would prove himself Eligible, So what ya going to do. God says relax Harry I going to use a common Cold and Man Greed to run around like a chicken with his head cut off. It will be like the time King Neberkaezzer laughed at God and was cursed to eat grass like a cow until I keep that promise to King David and Harry Your sons coronation May 9 2025 When the sonofman out of revelation is worthy to break the seal and our Covid curse

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