Status: Nomination not open yet.

Wildrose Party Constituency Association Site (unknown)  Phone: (403) 768 0109

Current MLA: Manmeet Bhullar   Progressive Conservative

Wildrose Party Candidate in 2012 election: Ron Leech

Wikipedia Constituency Profile

One thought on “Calgary-Greenway

  1. As it stands now I will not be voting in the next election.
    Reasons for this
    1. Hate liberals (Bastards cost me a house )
    2. Dislike NDP (Saw what they can do to the economy)
    3. Alberta party (Don’t know what they stand for if any thing)
    4. Communist (Not running)
    5. Green party ( Not running)
    So if you cannot have a candidate then I will sit on my hands.. I notice you have Mr Nobody running in cross as well.

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