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  1. I am a retired cab driver (Aged 74) and now a freelance journalist. (Go to my website below). I write news & commentaries primarily on public transportation issues. My audience is livery industry watchers, stakeholders, and professional drivers–usually taxi & bus drivers.

    Drivers–both taxi and Uber have repeatedly voiced concerns over Uber’s conduct in Alberta. There’s now a general consensus that the province has to be more directly involved than it has historically.

    It would appear that the Provincial Government has to commission a comprehensive province-wide study of the livery industry in both urban an rural areas with a view to developing suitable provincial legislation covering the overall industry.

    Both Calgary & Edmonton repeatedly fail to demonstrate satisfactory competence in the way they’ve regulated the industry and keep administrative costs under control. Calgary drivers are presently experiencing the highest licensing costs in Canada with very little to show for it.

    I would ask both of you to formulate a personal platform of your own and discuss the matter with party leaders.

    Feel free to post your comments about this and other transportation issues on my website at or email me at

    I wish to remind both candidates that many citizens–myself being one of them, don’t identify themselves with any political party preferring instead to vote on the candidate’s own merits such as overall education and mature experience.

    I would suggest that all candidates in next year’s election post some sort of resume that outlines such attributes.

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