United Conservative Party Nominations

While nothing is certain in politics, it does indeed look very much like the UCP will be forming the next Alberta government. That means nominations for constituencies are more important than ever as these people will be becoming the next set of legislators managing our province.

Nominations can be minefields for parties. It is during nominations that we often see some of the worst sort of politics and inside ball among all political parties. The best way to avoid corrupted or divisive nominations is to have as open and transparent a process as possible so that members can make their decisions from a well informed viewpoint.

Listed below are profiles for every constituency in Alberta. I will update them as I get information.

Dave Cournoyer runs a very good site covering Albertan nominations in general. This site will remain specific to UCP nominations, news and events as to be honest I don’t really care about the nominations of the other parties.

Constituencies will be updated as nomination races open up and are held.

If you know of people pursuing nominations or any nomination news email albertarep@hotmail.com so that the constituency may be updated.

This directory is not affiliated with or endorsed by the UCP. It is my own thing. 🙂

Click here if you aren’t certain which constituency you live in.


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