Trump derangement syndrome exists and it is putting us all at risk

Hydroxychloroquine may or may not be an effective treatment for Covid-19. It will take testing and time before we can be sure. It has been in use as an effective malaria treatment for decades so it is not like this drug carries any unknown side effects.

Unfortunately, due to the massive case of Trump derangement syndrome among the mainstream media, testing on this drug has been delayed for precious weeks due to fears of backlash.

Back in March, Donald Trump spoke of the treatment potential of hydroxychloroquine. Immediately it became utterly politically incorrect to even consider that drug as a potential treatment for Covid-19 and the social media outrage mob mercilessly swarmed anybody who dared to suggest it.

Here in Alberta we saw it when local talk radio host, Danielle Smith simply tweeted a link to an article which touted the drug as a potential cure.

Smith was overwhelmed with hysteric social media abuse and deleted the tweet. People called for Smith’s resignation and demanded that the radio station fire Smith.

I was surprised not to see folks with torches and pitchforks outside of her home.

Canada’s State Broadcaster felt this tweet from Smith was a story worth reporting on.

OK, in all fairness the article that Smith tweeted a link to was overstating the results of this drug. It’s not like Smith wrote the damn thing though and the worst that really came about from tweeting it was in giving people some false hope on a quick cure. It did not merit the rage expressed at Smith.

Why such rage though?

Because Trump had mentioned the drug. Simple as that.

One idiot in Arizona killed himself by drinking aquarium cleaner. Trump was blamed of course.

If Trump mentioned that Tylenol is effective for treating headaches, would he be at fault if some moron hurt themselves by eating a whole bottle of the stuff?

Sadly the answer is yes.

Clinical trials for hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 are being held all over the world including here in Alberta.

The reason for this is that there is some potential with this drug. If the drug is indeed useless though, the trials can prove this and researchers can move on to seeking other treatments.

Countries aren’t researching this drug on some bizarre point of principle. They really hope it may prove to reduce the death rate from the virus and I hope so to.

Meanwhile, CNN and others leading the Trump derangement charge are seeking out and publishing every possible story that they can in order to discredit the potential of hydroxychloroquine.

For crying out loud, these risks are already known. This is not a new drug and the potential side effects are well documented.

The Trump deranged don’t care.

They want this drug to fail simply because the Orange Man dared utter its potential.

This is a gross and dangerous attitude and we have to stop putting up with it.

You don’t have to like or support Trump. I certainly never will expect the deranged to do so.

Trump’s habit of spitting out bullshit certainly doesn’t help matters. That said, it can’t and shouldn’t be assumed that anything and everything that comes out of his mouth is wrong. That attitude is truly deranged, wrong and it is putting us all at risk.

This kind of derangement is not limited to Trump of course.

Here in Alberta we had dolts hysterically calling out Jason Kenney because he dared to share excess medical equipment with other provinces..Their derangement is so bad that they felt compelled to fabricate and ulterior motive on Kenney’s part.

When you hate a politician so dearly that you are rooting for a medication to fail or feel that sharing medical equipment with those in need is a bad thing, you are the problem. Look in the mirror and think about things a bit.

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