Trudeau’s obsessive pursuit of a UN security council seat has been devastating for Canada

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated this last few months is just how corrupt and destructive the government of China truly is.

From chronic false information to suppression of information to their horrific treatment of their own people to their increasingly corrupt and predatory world business practices, China has been proving itself to be one of the most destructive countries on the planet.

The Western world has allowed itself to become desperately dependent upon inexpensive consumer goods of Chinese origin while letting Chinese companies buy up Western assets with the proceeds. With the pandemic bringing China into sharp world focus, most nations and consumers are realizing that they should be working to distance themselves from that corrupted state.

Canada meanwhile seems to be determined to immerse itself even more deeply into economic dependence with the Chinese. While throttling energy development in Alberta, the Trudeau government has approved a Chinese company to drill for oil off the Newfoundland coast. While Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig remain imprisoned for nearly 18 months on shaky charges in China, Trudeau refuses to consider holding back on the expansion of Huawei’s 5G network in Canada. The list goes on and on. China acts as a rogue nation internationally while Trudeau looks the other way.

Citizens have practically begged Trudeau to be critical of China but his silence remains deafening. Meanwhile, Trudeau’s communications teams work their utter hardest to shut down all critique of China and try to label it all as racism.

Why is Trudeau so terrified when it comes to standing up against China for the benefit of Canada?

The answer is sad and simple. Trudeau desperately wants a seat on the UN security council and he is willing to throw Canada under the bus to get it.

China holds one of the precious five permanent seats on the UN security council along with the very powerful veto ability that comes with it. While China can’t necessarily put their own choice on the security council, they sure can make it tough for a nation to get on the council if they choose to. With the veto ability and their sheer power on the world stage, China can quite easily pressure enough nations to ensure that another nation doesn’t get the 2/3 required support to get a seat. This of course terrifies Trudeau. He is kissing every international ass that he can in hopes of winning that oh so precious seat and China’s ass is among the most influential in the bunch.

What really is to be gained in having a temporary UN security council seat anyway?

In reality, nothing material. The seat is simply a vanity trophy and potential legacy for Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau really hasn’t any significant accomplishments under his belt as far as being a Prime Minister goes aside from being one of the only Liberal Prime Ministers to lose a majority government after just one term. If only Justin could secure a UN security council seat as his daddy did in the late seventies, he could feel like he accomplished something outstanding during his tenure.

A temporary seat on the security council of a corrupted organization dominated by dictators isn’t worth a piss hole drilled in the snow.

The heavy hitters with permanent seats and veto powers will always dominate decisions and the representatives from backwards, authoritarian states will dominate UN votes in any broader decisions. The organization in general is pretty impotent.

While the world faces an economic crisis like we haven’t seen since the 1930s, our “leadership” is unfortunately still more focused on an international vanity project rather than dedicating time, resources and policy towards our economic recovery.

Justin’s personal goal is also allowing China to walk all over us with impunity.

Canada is currently under the leadership of the most shallow, vacuous and vain Prime Minister in history. His pursuit of personal legacy projects is coming at the expense of us all.

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