Trudeau government members eye a tax on your children’s inheritance

Not content with indebting our children and grandchildren with record government deficits, the Trudeau government is now considering taking their inheritance too.

Inheritance taxes were abolished in Canada in 1971. They are terribly regressive taxes which rob people of their hard earned savings and are second perhaps only to capital gains taxes in stealing away incentive from people to earn more during their working lives.

The Trudeau government is desperate as their pandering to the NDP in order to remain in power has left them with an unimaginable revenue hole. Being ideologically inclined to the politics of envy, some are seeing inheritance taxes as a form of low hanging fruit that they can harvest from the “rich”.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Liberal MP Sean Fraser, parliamentary secretary to the finance minister feels that an inheritance tax will address what he sees as a “plague” which the state needs to address.

Fraser is using tough terms and saying “we will not be afraid!” as he spoke during a House of Commons debate on taxes.

The Liberals don’t really need to pretend to talk tough when pursuing a tax grab such as this. Jagmeet Singh will happily back the Trudeau Liberals up on such a move as he sees his dreams of Canadian socialism realized.

Unfortunately, socialist paradises invariably end up like Cuba and Venezuela and Canada is well on its way to that sad status. An inheritance tax would be a great leap towards it and there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it.

Better start hiding your savings folks if you want to leave anything to your children.

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