Totally tone deaf!


They just don’t get it. They really haven’t a bloody clue. It almost seems like they are some sort of parody group or something.

What I am speaking of is the new Alberta PAC calling itself the “Alberta Prosperity Fund”.

This is a group that apparently is working on uniting Alberta’s right. They have some interesting names popping up in association with them but their website is brutally shallow in detail. What is the extended goal? Where are these funds coming from? Who exactly is running that show?

This group is already arrogantly making demands of the established parties as we head towards a by-election in Greenway. This group is holding meetings here and there where they speak in circles of a united right yet we don’t see any of the organized players at them.

I was nothing short of flabbergasted though when I saw that they had held a meeting in Cochrane recently where they had none other than disgraced former MLA Bruce McAllister on the panel.

Are you guys really that damned stupid??!!

Does that collection of conservative minds really have such a disconnect with the public sentiment and the views of Wildrose and PC members that they would so idiotically trot out a face as inflammatory as that of Bruce McAllister when claiming to want to unite these groups?

Here is refresher for those who may have forgotten.the events of a little over a year ago.

Bruce McAllister was one of the Wildrose MLAs who stabbed the entire Wildrose Party membership in the back when they crossed the floor following Danielle Smith in hopes of taking a shortcut to the government benches. If you want to piss of essentially every member of the Wildrose Party in short order, bring one of the disgraced floor crossers to speak to them.

Prentice and his vapid gang of floor crossers didn’t just piss the Wildrose Party membership off. The Progressive Conservative Party caucus and members were rightly furious with the crossing too. Promises of protected nominations and cabinet seats for the floor crossers evaporated. When the PC membership took out their ire by wiping out the floorcrossers one by one in nominations, Prentice panicked. Prentice then kicked every Progressive Conservative party member in Chestermere in the balls when he intervened and appointed Bruce McAllister as their candidate before the membership could fire his sorry ass as they did with Smith, Fox and others.

The final rejection of Bruce McAllister came from the voters themselves in the general election. They rightly tossed McAllister to the unemployment line where he deserved to be.

Now I ask, since Bruce McAllister is despised by the Wildrose members, loathed by the Progressive Conservative members and was soundly rejected by the electorate of Alberta, what asshole in their right mind would put this kind of person front and center when supposedly trying to unite all three of these groups?

This is not a unifying effort. People like McAllister are a red flag in front of a grassroots bull. McAllister represents everything that principled party members abhor. It is difficult to find a person worse to represent unity.

If this is any indication of the sort of political instinct and judgement coming from the brain trust of the Prosperity Fund, I say no thanks. They look like all the unemployed assholes who the voters just tossed out and are trying to find a new backdoor way to get to the government benches again .

I would rather take my chances with a divided right than put the weasels back in power.

If things are going to unite in any sort if way, it will come from the bottom up. It will be members initiatives from both parties and it will take time. It will never come from a group so bloody obtuse as to highlight a person like Bruce McAllister. Will they dig Rob Anderson from the bowels of the disgraced political world next?

9 thoughts on “Totally tone deaf!

  1. I think any unite the right effort is for the benefit of the Progressives. They should be relegated to the dustbin of history. There are 4 years to build Wildrose into a strong well organized machine capable of winning the next election.
    The Progressives know their only chance at power is to ride on the coattails of the WRP.
    The Progressive party has been broken for a long time. Time for it to die.
    And as I have written here before, a major platform plank for the WRP should be the outright denunciation of Climate Change.

  2. Cory I totally understand your stance, however I know both Bruce and yourself and I would put you both in the same box politically. Having said that did Bruce make a mistake? Absolutely! Is it the end of the world absolutely not. If we are looking for differences rather than similarities we are doomed. Guys like us don’t need jobs in politics but we love to work hard and contribute so lets find like minded folks to help accomplish this, and I don’t care if they are “Red”, “Blue”,Social Conservative, Libertarian, or Progressive (yes I said the P word).

  3. You sound out of touch to me.

    Wildrosers and PC types I talk to have one single purpose and no time for these tired old grudges you’re still mad about.

  4. It is worth the effort to get people talking. Never hurts. But McAllister and Rutherford are being played. You’re asking the right questions. Follow the money and you will find better answers. Prosperity Fund? Prosperity for the two who own the fund, maybe? Ask more questions about the dude behind it and ask his former employers. Due diligence, folks. McAllister anf Rutherford have not done their homework.

  5. Two things are required for conservatives to unite. The anger must stop and a leader must lead. Sure, the grassroots must agree but without these two essentials there will be no uniting factor.
    In as much as the statement of principles and constitution are held high as the call to unite members are steered away from them into the world of policy. In as much as I believe policy is important, the power plays around policy are the great divider. Any talks that have any hope of consensus will be focused on the essentials.

  6. I heard Dave Rutherford last week on the CBC noon phone in show “Alberta at Noon.” The master of skew! My gosh. I’ve lived most of my adult life outside of the Alberta Advantage, inside Alberta. I hate the mess we’ve allowed here. A mess I helped create in the early running. I am so glad to have lived long enough to see change. Please, unite the righters, your lessons remain to be learned. You do not know how to serve my interests. Go play somewhere else.

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