This is the crap that makes people quit voting.

 Well, the Canadian Taxpayer Federation came out with their annual “Teddy Awards” for waste in government.

 Usurprisingly Alberta won the provincial category. This is not surprising as our entitled and entrenched Progressive Conservative government really has shown utterly no regard for their expenditures of the hard earned tax dollars of Albertans.

 The highlight that won Alberta top honors in waste is that we have a legislative committee with 21 members on it who have been paid $1,000 per month for being on that committee. This committee however has not even met in over three years!!!

Now government waste of tax dollars is far from new and it has never failed to irk me. I will tell you something that angers me far more than government members lining their pockets on the backs of the taxpayers; there were members from every opposition party serving on that committee!!

Alberta Party: Dave Taylor

NDP: Rachel Notley

 Liberal: Bridget Pastoor (since crossed floor) and David Swann.

Worst of all in my view, Wildrose Party: Guy Boutilier and Heather Forsyth!

How are all of these people who took $1000 per month in pay for a committee that never met for years going to be able to justify this?

Was it impossible for an opposition committee member to put out a press release decrying this waste? I assure you it would have been picked up.

 I wish there was a good excuse for this but I see none.

All of us who support opposition parties expect better than this from our MLAs. We have come to expect waste and entitlement from government MLAs. It is hard to claim we are better when our own MLAs apparently will sidle up to the trough without hesitation.

 More offensive than the wasted dollars is the damage done to an already cynical electorate. It is damned hard for me as a volunteer to knock on doors to respond to a person who says: “They are all the same.” when indeed our bloody MLAs are all acting the same on this.

 I still support the Wildrose Party and do feel that they hold infinitely more promise and principle than the governing PCs. I will continue to do so. I sure as hell hope that some of our MLAs and MLAs to be learn something from this.

 We should be exposing government waste, not indulging in it! Brighten up guys. It will be at least four more years before we get another crack at this.

5 thoughts on “This is the crap that makes people quit voting.

  1. Very true Cory, what a waste. This should be a good reason TO get people out and vote. I am sure some who read will complain, but then they will think back and remember that they did not even hit a polling station last time.

  2. I don’t trust long time PC’s that cross the floor. They should sit as independents,contact the constituency members and seek permission
    to represent the Wild Rose.

  3. This is just more of the many examples that prove you can never trust a poitician with the mass pool of public money they over see. There needs to be real consequences for wasting public money on personal frivolities and inept schemes. What is needed is a volunteer citizen’s oversight committee with the power to indict polis who get caught wasting public money.

  4. Hi Cory , been a while , we met about ten years ago we invited you to Yorkton, you may recall.

    I am watching closely Daniel Smith , I like her and would support the wildrose if I were in Alberta .

    Send me an email sometime .


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