They will not go willingly.

Now and then I see the odd person commenting or tweeting saying that if we simply ignore the “occupy” Calgary squatters that they would go away. Alas were it only that simple.

For one thing, that would set a terrible precedent. A group of people have purposely broken our laws, damaged our public property, disturbed neighbors and displaced other users from what is supposed to be a public space. Are we to allow this every time that a small collection of people wants to hold a public tantrum without a cause? Rest assured they will.

Nenshi and some others were hoping that cold weather would do the job that City officials lack the courage to do. Sadly, despite temperatures plunging a few weeks ago the squatters still remain. Two were injured when a tent caught fire due to a person trying to warm himself with a candle though. We may see a lawsuit out of that yet as the squatters feel that taxpayers are responsible for that fire. Cold weather will not dislodge the squatters.

Not only are the squatters not leaving, they are actually growing in numbers as squatters that were evicted from other cities are actually converging on Calgary. Yes, being the last major city in Canada (almost in all of North America) lacking the balls to evict their illegal squatters has actually led to our becoming a destination. Layabouts and whining entitled bums are coming to Calgary to suckle on the tax-funded teat that Nenshi has so generously provided.

Rather than kick out our squatters like other wise cities have, Calgary has opted to beg and grovel with ongoing negotiations and offers to the squatters hoping that they give Olympic Plaza back to taxpayers. My better half covered that on her fine blog along with many other nuggets of discussion from the squatters.

Considering that the city’s attorney had her ass handed to her in court by a crazy old man and a volunteer fired and hired again non-lawyer, I guess I can see some of the cities fears here. One of the discussions by the squatters that Jane posted on her blog showed the squatters actually confused and wondering what the bar association was. Despite demonstrating utterly no legal knowledge, this group of clowns managed to own the City of Calgary retained lawyer in last Friday’s hearing as the city vainly (so far) sought an injunction to remove the illegal squatters.

I swear City Hall found Lionel Hutz’s sister. I hope that they are not paying much for this “service” at least though that is a faint hope.

The biggest error being made by people who think that the squatters may simply leave on their own is that people are assuming that these squatters are rational in any way. I guess folks can’t be blamed. Many people have better things to do than go down to meet the squatters in person to realize just how disconnected from reality these guys are.

That is part of why I take and post videos of these nuts. People can see just how crazy our squatters are without subjecting themselves to the verbal abuse (and nasty aromas) that I did.

Below is a video of “occupy” Calgary spokesperson Aaron Doncaster as he tries to tell a passerby that the city was criminally responsible for the tent fire that burned two people. If Doncaster’s loony ramblings don’t manage to convince you of his lunacy, check out the skirt he is wearing. Nobody in their right mind would try to wear that skirt with those boots. They clash and it is a crime against fashion at the very least.

Next up is “occupy” Calgary martyr and hero; Sarah Scout. Scout’s infantile behavior is typical of her as I have had the displeasure of encountering her at the squatter camp on a number of occasions. Her disconnect with reality and gross sense of entitlement and victimhood are nothing less than profound.

Police approached Sarah who became immediately belligerent forcing them to arrest her for criminal obstruction. Apparently she had a past warrant as well.

Watch that video. Note the incredibly terrible acting as Sarah tries to force some sort of incident where she could claim police brutality. Only her awful rendition of the national anthem eclipses those rotten acting skills that convinced only her delusional comrades that she is some sort of victim.

The members of the Calgary Police Service deserve a commendation for their patience and gentle treatment of Scout as she resisted.

Now in watching these videos, do you really think that these are the sort of people who simply will go away if ignored? Any rational protestors left weeks ago. These squatters will not be going anywhere until we actually physically have them removed. To try and wait it out simply won’t work and it really is a cowardly approach in an ordered society.

If the videos are not enough, again I strongly recommend that you visit Jane’s blog to see more of what these people have to say in their own words.

You can’t reason with the irrational.

Lets take back our park!! I do hope that the courts rule soon and we get this long overdue action over with.

6 thoughts on “They will not go willingly.

  1. If they are not gone by this spring, Calgary will become a major congregation place for all layabouts, Canada and North America wide. God forbid!

  2. I would expect that if the city does negoitate a settlement to get these guys out of the park, that they will become emboldened by it, stay in the park and dare the city to evict them so they can have the heroic confrontation that they have been craving.

    If we give them meeting spaces and city facilitators as their soap box, they won’t leave, they’ll ignore the agreement and declare its a sign that they’re making changes, and more people will come out of the woodwork with demands for free stuff.

    I don’t believe that the squatters are trustworthy, as far as I’m concerned they lied in open court when they said they they didn’t know about the cities earlier offer, the one that their leader proudly annouced that he’d burned on the website, and told the meda that he was planning to burn it.

    The city has betrayed our trust when Nemshi stated that he was no longer interested in negotiation with these people. I don’t buy that this is a unilateral offer from the Bylaw department.

  3. Usually I am entertained by your posts and I can laugh, but this is so ridiculous I am actually depressed. I agree -enough is enough. It is so sad how castrated our city is. I was joking with some friends that we should start a campaign where we send those disgusting hanging “truck balls” you see on the hitches of trucks to city hall with notes that tell the mayor “we found them for you – now use them”. Sounds like we might need to send them to the judge as well. God I am sick of what this awesome city is becoming.

  4. Regardless of how entertaining it is to video-log the dismal troglodyte logic and demented rantings of the die hard occupiers, the issue is no longer about loopy squatters in public parks. It’s always been about the lack of political leadership which allowed such a public menace to continue for so long in spite of the ample complaints by the public.

    In Calgary’s case your mayor was handed his first real test of leadership and responsibility of office and he failed miserably. Confronted with the potential political fallout that can be generated by left wing pressuer groups, he caved in rather than dealing responsibly, decisively with a public menace your mayor chose a political stall over his civic duty – he obviously fears radical pressure groups more than the voter – he is unfit for his position and that message should be repeated loudly and often. He is not a leader and he is irresponsible if he chooses options based in appeasing politically correct revisionism which perverts the rule of law.

    However, Calgary is not the only municipal jurisdiction with an invertebrate at the helm who conducts the police function as a political policy actuation force. This is a phenomenon plaguing most modern democracies lately. Politically actuated application of law enforcement. Politically favored minorities are given a latitude in lawless behaviour where, conversely, the majority is held strictly accountable to the smallest legal detail. This is the civil dystopia we bought by accepting cultural Marxism’s group identity politics – you HAD to know that once they got you to accept that every group is different with varying degrees of victimhood/disadvantage, it would follow that the law deal differently with each minority/special interest group. You’re seeing the civil fallout of actuating dystopian cultural Marxist theories into law. I blame charter section 15 for creating the conflicted values we see in law enforcement.

  5. It no longer matters, the injunction was granted and the Occupyer’s have to be out of the park by 2pm on Friday or face a contempt of court hearing.

    Bylaw Services will be doing a press conference at 4 pm MST

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