The outcome of appeasement.

I finished yesterday’s rambling post by mentioning how people occasionally use the word compromise in a derisive manner when what they actually should be saying is appeasement.

 We see cowardly actions of appeasement quite often when the law and politicians are dealing with protesters of all sorts of stripes. I observed the G8 summit protests in Calgary in 2002 to observe just where the trouble stems from when these left-wing protests almost inevitably go off the rails. The police handed out brochures telling just what the bounds of peaceful demonstration are as people gathered. Ironically (as many of these protesters are self-styled environmentalists) most of the brochures were thrown to the ground and they littered the area quickly. I watched masked people lunging at a fence and lifting their masks to spit on police officers who stoically restrained themselves from retaliating from these assaults. I observed windows being smashed from legitimate businesses who were unfortunate enough to be in the path of the mob. I saw a few people arrested when their activities went well beyond the pale.

 I later read that those arrested were given tiny, token fines for their activities. In light of that, is it any wonder that these violent protests continue?

 A couple weeks ago, the kooks from Greenpeace trespassed on a Shell oilsands facility and stopped production in that section for almost two days.  The protest was ended when:

“”As long as we removed ourselves, (they) agreed to release us without any charges, either criminal or civil,” said Mike Hudema of Greenpeace.”

 OK, so these clowns broke the law, put themselves and others at risk and cost Shell untold money as production was halted. For these actions they were allowed to go their merry way with no consequences. Guess what happened?

 Yes, Greenpeace moved on and decided to block production at a Suncor facility.  In this case, the idiots actually chained themselves to a conveyor putting themselves (which is fine by me) and the workers/police (not ok by me) at risk as these twits had to be removed.

 Is this really a surprise though? The attempted appeasement at the Shell site simply told these people that they may disregard the law with impunity. They got the press they sought, they halted production and they paid no price. Of course these guys were willing to do it again. It really does not take a genius to realize that this would be the outcome of appeasement.

 The fools have indeed been charged this time at least. Twenty-one nuts were arrested and charged with criminal mischief over $5,000. It is worthy of note that only one of these kooks was actually Albertan and most of them are not even Canadian. I hope the courts press these charges to the full extent that they can. This crap has to stop.

 Further to the charges to the individuals, I strongly feel that Greenpeace itself should be sued and possibly closed down for encouraging criminal activity. Greenpeace is a multi-national corporation who had a net income of $202 million CDN in 2006. They can surely afford to cover the lost revenue they have cost while attacking these energy facilities.

 David Swann demonstrated his usual disconnect from reality on this issue with this statement:

“These are massive projects with significant potential to impact the environment and human health, and I think it’s incumbent on both government and the industry to review their security measures,” said Liberal Leader David Swann

 WOW. Talk about blaming the victim there Swann. The criminal and dangerous assault on oilfield facilities was the fault of the facility owners for not having stopped the criminals from entering. I have spent time working up there. These are facilities in isolated areas and they are well marked. People don’t accidentally stumble into them. What would be more effective Mr. Swann would be charging these fools when they purposely break the law.

 Peaceful demonstration is a vital right. We keep appeasing when demonstrators cross the line of legality though and we really should not be surprised when the lawbreaking escalates.

 There are many rational and effective environmental groups that have good points to make and are worth listening to. Greenpeace however is not one of these groups. Filling offices with fish and countless expensive and criminal trespasses do not do anything to serve the environment and the allowing of these actions must stop. Greenpeace is a large corporation and they should be held accountable for their criminal actions.

 Oh yes, and I shed no tears when the Rainbow Warrior sank.

Rainbow Warrior


 Compromise is finding a middle ground. Compromise is impossible with criminal extremists such as those with Greenpeace. Greenpeace seeks no middle ground, they only seek more publicity to fund their giant corporation. Appeasement with extremists like these is pointless.

1 thought on “The outcome of appeasement.

  1. I need to rant.
    Its the same dreadlocked, hippy bearded, granola eating dope smoking idiots every time. This types presence is so predictable at every event, they are caricatures of the environmental movement.
    There has to be a right to protest though, and sometimes a law does have to be broken to make a point. I can’t take the position the police presence is there for the greater good, sometimes governments are in the wrong, and they can change laws to perpetually protect their position, and grant themselves immunity, at the point where the public actually start to suffer, the last answer is violent protest.
    However, I do not think the situation at the tar sand is at that point, that government is operating in a corrupt manner, and the companies themselves are running roughshod over the greater goods’ quality of life.
    This ecoterrorism and anthropomorphism run amok is actually a lifestyle turned religion, rather than a true noble cause . Its lost sight of what it takes to make this world tick and human systems to continue, the real greater good. There has to be environmental control and responsibility, but these people have no real alternative solutions, when industry comes with solutions, they automatically just draw a line in the sand and oppose whatever. Thats not accomplishing anything, we can’t go back to just living off grass and animals caught be hand and having tribal dances for recreation , 95% of the worlds population would starve to death, and the other 5% would die of boredom.
    The word I have come to hate is sustainability. Everything has to have sustainability, my question is how long do we need to sustain sustainability. The reality is, the whole population is one unseen asteroid away from being wiped out. Man is not going to be the demise of this planet, the planet will be the demise of us. Our current level of technology may not be the cleanest, but its just a point in the journey of advancement that we need to achieve to probably leave this place should the big one come, be it from the earth internally, or externally from space. I find it pretty egotistical to think we are really at the helm of this rock, our presence on the planet is not even a second click on the earths clock.
    Back to your post though, yes, they should be jailed, if they want to make the point legitimately that oil is bad and dirty, greenpeace can put its money where its mouth is, and puts forth an energy source that is clean, renewable and ugghh sustainable. Of course that would mean real effort, real talent, and real work, instead of guilting a living out of the masses with the cause de jour bringing impending doom unto ourselves..It makes people think they can pay for some control of mans destiny and infinite surival.. I don’t think so.
    The other group that should be arrested is the sea shepherd society, they’ve taken it upon themselves to not just save animals but to reshape entire cultures to their moral standards.. I have a huge problem with that.

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