Well it was inevitable I guess.


 Yes, the tall-foreheads working within the CRTC have determined that Canadians have enjoyed quality content on the internet for too long. It is simply un-Canadian to have people view information without it being taxed and regulated by our Ministry of Truth.

 I do hope the above picture satisfies the coming internet requirements for Canadian content. I assure all thought-police members that not only is the depicted moose of an identifiable group of challenged sexual orientation, he is black and I have been assured that he is bilingual. You don’t get more politically correct and Canadian than that do you?

 Of course, the thought-police have not determined exactly how they will enforce their goal of  increased Canadian content on the net yet. They have determined that we will all be taxed by our service providers to the tune of around $100 million in order to reach those goals. 

 It is not enough that the CBC is howling and demanding that Canadians increase their funding from the billion per year in order to produce crappy Canadian content. We need taxpayers to be raped so that the internet can reach the low standard of value that our state broadcaster provides.

 We can only guess what we can look forward to when the regulators get their grimy little hands on another $100 million. To begin with, they doubtless will lobby for more funding as they will have underestimated the costs of spoon-feeding us content that they determine is appropriate. Next I imagine that every Canadian blogger will have to employ translators to assure that every posting may be read in French, Cree and Sanskrit. Canadian flag images will have to be placed on the background of every web-page and any commentary that may be entertaining or informative shall be quashed.

 We are in a recession and watching every level of government sinking into deficit due to overspending. Despite this, our bureaucrats can find nothing better to do than steal and spend more of our limited money on idiotic ventures.

 Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in the position of an increasing number of Canadians dying on a waiting list due to our collapsing socialized medical system, you may take comfort on your journey to the great unknown in knowing that should you have an internet obituary it will be provided to all that care in both official languages.