I won’t believe it until I see it.

 I see in the news today that scumbag gangster Jackie Tran has been ordered deported yet again. I wrote on the Tran saga some months ago here.  

jackie tran

 How complicated is this? Tran was ordered deported back in 2004. Since then he has skipped hearings, broken bail conditions multiple times and been involved with criminal gangs in Calgary. Now I see that while Tran has been ordered deported (again) a date has not yet been set. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS WAITING FOR????

 Tran is a high flight risk as he has already proven when he skipped out on past deportation hearings. Rest assured if Tran is convinced that he really will be put on a plane to Vietnam this time, he will disappear yet again. Canada has already misplaced an estimated 30,000 or so deportees due to our using the honor system with them.

 How complex is this? Tran is not a Canadian citizen and he is a criminal. He has had more hearings than he ever deserved. Buy a damn ticket and put this piece of crap on a plane out of here.

 Calgary has been in the middle of some ethnic gang wars for a couple years now. There was a shooting just the other day that appears to be gang related. Should we really be surprised that these wars are continuing? Hell, we don’t even have the balls in our justice system to detain or deport a piece of garbage like Tran. What do these gangsters have to fear?

 The time and resources that have been dedicated to Tran amount to a slap in the face to the thousands of fine immigrants who call Calgary home and life productively and peacefully here. Many of these people endure prejudice as fearful citizens begin to view every person of Asian decent as a potential gang member.

 It has been said before and it is worthy of saying it again. In Canada we do not have a justice system, it is an injustice system.

Well it is one step I guess.

 In this situation, there really is only so much Stelmach can do. The worst repeat offenders end up in federal courts and institutions. The province can only do so much to keep the populace safe when the federal “justice” system insists on releasing violent criminals among us.
Here is the plan:

Province spending $10M to target 60 worst repeat offenders

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach says repeat offenders who return to crime when they’re released from jail will be back behind bars quickly.

He says the government will spend $10 million over the next three years to help probation officers, sheriffs, RCMP and city police in Edmonton and Calgary monitor 60 of the province’s worst criminals.

Solicitor General Fred Lindsay says the goal is to target the 15% of criminals who commit 60% of the crimes.

It’s been a get-tough-on-crime week for Stelmach and his ministers.

On Tuesday, the premier announced that 183 new police officers will be hired to target drug dealers and gangs.

Alberta has become a hotbed for drug dealing and gang-related crime over the last couple of years, with the murder rates in Edmonton and Calgary now among the highest in Canada.

  That cost when tallied works out to nearly $60,000 per year per offender in order to essentially tail them and wait for them to commit another offense. The top repeat offenders indeed do commit most of the violent crimes. This program may indeed prevent some major crimes perpetrated by these scum. This will likely be money well spent.

 The sad part of all this though is these offenders should never have been released in the first place!!

 While I hope that some crimes are prevented in this plan, the failing is that we have to wait for these animals to reoffend before we can lock them up. These are the top 60 scumbags, we know they will offend again yet we release them.

 The responsibility for fixing our pathetic revolving door “justice” system falls straight on Steven Harper’s lap now. Harper was stalled by Bloc/Liberals/NDP and their hug-a-thug views when he tried to reform justice in the last parliament. Harper now holds a virtual majority for at least a year. There is no way any opposition party will vote down confidence legislation right now. I hope that Harper gets justice reform on the table right away and passes it before the bleeding hearts in parliament can regroup.

 Another are in need of reform is in immigration. It is bad enough that we have to deal with our own homegrown scum, but we have hogtied ourselves when it comes to ridding ourselves of imported scum.

 Jackie Tran is a scumbag who came to Calgary from Vietnam and has been criminally active since arrival. Tran is involved with a gang known to be involved in eight Calgary homicides. Tran was ordered deported in 2004. Well it has been four years and what has Tran been up to? Well he skipped out on an appeal hearing last January (yes he bought four years in Calgary by appealing). The appeal ruled to deport Tran in his absence. Tran was later arrested at a funeral for another shot gangster. Immigration then decided that poor Jackie deserved yet another appeal and released him!!

 Oh they were tough on Tran. They said he was to go home to mom’s place every night and was to stay away from guns and drugs.

 Well, within three days Tran was arrested drunk while partying with a bunch of fellow gang members.  Tran is behind bars now, but for how long? How complicated is it to put a piece of shit like Tran on a plane and send him to Vietnam to be dealt with? I fear it may never happen.

 We have a short window of opportunity in front of us in parliament. Harper has a chance to close some of these shameful holes in our “justice” system. Lets hope that he does.