Time to put Canada Post and it’s union out to pasture.


Reality is quickly catching up with Canada Post as the obsolete Crown Corporation continues to bleed record losses every year. $129,000,000 went down the hole in the last quarter alone and these huge losses will only grow as electronic communications and an ever efficient private sector fills the void where conventional mail used to be.

On top of these losses that the taxpayer will surely end up paying, Canada Post is carrying a $6 billion pension deficit with no realistic means in sight to pay that out. This monster of a debt that accumulated through decades of buying labor peace through unrealistic pension promises will surely be biting us all soon. That growing black hole will only get worse as long as Canada Post is in operation.

Along with technological realities making the services of a Crown postal carrier obsolete, Canada Post has been burdened with one of the most activist and self-destructive unions in the country. CUPW used to gleefully strike just before Christmas every few years. In holding the country hostage at holiday time, huge pension obligations grew and letter carriers became grossly overcompensated for what truly is unskilled labor.

I remember well in the 90s when a tipping point was hit with the postal union. Postal workers made a great deal of noise as usual and hit the streets with the usual demands of more compensation for less work. What CUPE had not realized at that time is that the fax machine had removed business dependency on them for document delivery and things such as telephone banking were beginning to take hold. Consumers found the postal strike to be an annoyance at best as opposed to crippling as such strikes used to be. After some time picketing to an indifferent populace, the postal workers returned to work with their collective tails between their legs. Following that strike loss, Canada Post actually managed to profit for a few years as they could restructure with a cowed and humbled union. That was simply putting off the inevitable though as technology simply continued to advance and need for postal services declined.

The Canadian Union for Postal Workers should have been watching out for their workers and working with Canada Post to try and restructure the company for the future. Instead of using such foresight, the union went on extreme left wing activist crusades that were totally unrelated to their mandate of labor such as an ongoing and fervent CUPW campaign against Israel. Opportunity has passed and now the layoffs of the workers that the union was supposed to be protecting will be in the thousands (and Israel still exists).

Canada Post is rightly phasing out home delivery which will lead to the loss of 8000 jobs. That is simple reality and this can’t be fought. Letter delivery will be going up to as high as $1 as rates must be hiked dramatically in a vain hope of achieving solvency. While this increase in service charges is clearly needed, it will also speed up the process of people leaving conventional mail delivery behind.

In their usual bizarre manner, the idiotic Postal Union feels that Canada Post should expand into financial services and banking. I can think of few ways where billions more could be lost and pinned on the taxpayer. Why don’t those clowns pool their union dues and start their own damn bank and show us how it’s done then?

It is time to work on an exit strategy. There really is nothing that Canada Post provides that the private world can’t do (and usually does better).

The billions in pension debt will surely be a disaster as it is. Let’s end the growth of that debt and the ongoing burden to the taxpayer of constant Canada Post operating losses while we can. Things are not going to turn around.

The next dinosaur on the Crown Corporation list is the CBC but that is a matter for another post.

Say it like it is.

In almost every type of addiction therapy whether 12 step based or not, the first thing that a recovering addict must do is admit and accept that they have a problem. Addiction and recovery have been issues for centuries and there is a good reason that treatment has evolved to begin with the simple principle of admitting a problem; nothing will ever get solved when you are mired in denial!

Human nature draws us to deny truths and things that we simply do not want to see or accept. We make excuses or look the other way when a loved one is doing something wrong. When pressed with financial challenges, we are prone to borrowing more money rather than cutting spending as needed (in both our homes and in government). We distract ourselves with television and internet games in our idle time rather than work on emotionally challenging things or thoughts. When W5 comes on TV with a sensitive expose, we change the channel to watch America’s Got Talent rather than watch something as challenging as a piece on child pornography rings and such.

Even people who try to be politically aware shy away from sensitive issues. It is much easier to discuss the merit/failure of a teacher’s stance on grading students with zeros (for zero work done) than it is to discuss the long-term sustainability of our socialized healthcare monopoly.  Better to fight over the need for bike-lanes in a city than have to dwell on the abject failure of the native reserve system. None of those issues that we put in second place will ever see improvement until we accept some reality in them.

Few issues will make a political sort who dodges uncomfortable issues testes migrate into their abdomens more quickly than any sort of discussion about radical Islam.

How many more murderous riots does the world need to see? How many undemocratic, theocratic countries practicing the most gross of human rights violations do we need as examples in the world? How long will we keep looking the other way when we see practices such as female genital mutilation, stoning for adultery, being gay or any other forms of apparent blasphemy practiced in so many countries?

There is a common thread in those savage nations and it is time more people said it; these nations are all predominantly Islamic!

Yeah yeah yeah, we can go on about the Christians in the Crusades. We can name a couple abortion clinic bombers. We can point out that Hitler wasn’t Islamic. So what? I am speaking of issues today and issues that are predominant.

Is there any non-Islamic state that is at risk of coming under control of the types who bomb abortion clinics? Have there been any widespread riots in any non-Islamic states lately due to a perceived affront to their religious texts? Nigerians even murderously rioted when a beauty pageant host dared mention Mohammad.

Yes I do know that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and do not condone the sort of activities practiced in the nations that I highlighted. That does not change the outright fact that there is a direct link between violence and intolerance and Islamic nations. We are simply full of crap and in denial to say otherwise.

I am going to link to an extremely offensive and blasphemous image published a couple days ago by the parody site: The Onion.

This image contains gross nudity and is purposely offensive to nearly all religions! Do not click if these kinds of images truly offend you! The point will be made without you needing to see it.

Below the purposely offensive image is a line that says it all:

Though some members of the Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist faiths were reportedly offended by the image, sources confirmed that upon seeing it, they simply shook their heads, rolled their eyes, and continued on with their day.

It is sad that it takes a comedic parody site to make the point to us all and we need to accept it. Despite there being many faiths in the world, only radical Islamic adherents so commonly go on murderous rampages at the slightest of provocation. We need to let ourselves point at the violent when they riot and kill rather than tie ourselves in knots trying to justify it.

I am not proposing any war on Islam, renewed Crusades or shunning of Muslim people. I do not know the solution to countries retaining stone-aged practices due to their interpretation of religious texts. I do know though, that we will never see a solution until we admit the source of the problem and start from there.

In a more sick twist of things, the world seems not to hesitate to condemn Israel for anything and everything they do. Israel is a tiny little island of democracy in an ocean of Islamic dictatorships and somehow instead of cultivating the freedoms in Israel so that they can spread and blossom in neighboring states, many in the world crap on Israel at every possible opportunity.

This is the sort of denial and cowardice that is harming us all. People recognize that the Middle-East is a mess but choose to blame the safest state that they can. One can spout whatever they like at Israel and need never fear Jews rampaging around the world burning embassies and KFCs. Israel is an easy target to blame without fear that they will slap back at you.

At the increasingly irrelevant United Nations, motions are passed condemning Israel constantly while idiotically giving Islamic theocrats a seat at the table in discussion of human rights in countries. The UN has truly become a sad joke.

So many howl indignantly when Israel ignores the garbage that comes from the UN. Those howlers usually are the same apologists who blame cartoonists for the stone-aged violence perpetuated by those offended by the cartoons.

Reality sucks, but it will only get better when we face it.

I will close this rant with a rant by Pat Condell who consistently can hit these issues right on the head.

Unions at work.


 Well I see that CUPE Ontario has ,voted to boycott anything Israel in a fine political stand. Their wingnut leader Sid Ryan stated that Ontario should ban Israeli professors who refuse to condemn the state of Israel. As CUPE is very involved with Ontario universities, this is no small threat.

 Is this what it has come to? Unions will now dictate what university professors are allowed to say and think?

 Before the inevitable apologists try to lowball the bigoted actions of CUPE, keep in mind that this is one of the largest unions in Canada. This is not simply the stance of their leader. Hundreds of delegates voted for this Israeli boycott representing over 200,000 Ontario members.

 I understand that the left has embraced anti-semitism lately and somehow view the millions and millions of Muslims who surround Israel and call for Israel’s annihilation are somehow underdogs who need protection. I understand that leftists view Israel’s being a democracy that allows freedom of speech, religion etc as abhorrent. I understand that the left has decided to be sympathetic to dictatorial Islamic states that suppress basic human rights for those who are gay, female or non-muslim.

 I don’t understand why we tolerate our civil-service unions embracing and promoting that sickening leftist view on the world. Are these unions or political activist groups?

 To those who still feel that those obsolete institutions that we call unions still have a place in Canada may I offer some advice? The public is tiring of this activist and divisive bullshit. Unions are becoming increasingly irrelevant and you can rest assure that actions such as CUPE’s and the postal unions are wearing very thin on the Canadian public. I suggest that union members who value their organized state encourage their leadership to get back to representing employees as they are supposed to.

 I was disgusted a couple summers ago when I attended a “peace protest” against Israel. I saw people waving Hezbollah flags and chanting death to the Jews. Mixed among those “peace protesters” were the flags and banners of a variety of unions.

 Unions will never win my heart. I already see them as a lost and dying cause in Canada and look forward to their end.

 Be assured union folks, your actions are bringing an increasing amount of Canadians to my point of view.

 Hmm, come to think of  it, keep up the good work.

Idealistic Naivete Can Kill.

Ideals are a good thing. Getting out and pursuing your ideals and goals is also always a good thing.

Being blinded by your ideals to the point of experiencing a complete loss of common sense and endangering yourself however is not such a good thing.

A recent event brought these self-destructive people to mind for me. I will list three prime and suicidal idealists who have died of naivete.



Recently a performance artist named Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo (known as Pippa Bacca) decided that in order to demonstrate that all people are good at heart and somehow promote world peace, she would hitchhike throughout the Middle-East while wearing a wedding dress.

Ms. Bacca’s ill advised trip lasted from March 20, 2008 until March 31 when she disappeared in Turkey. Bacca’s raped body was discovered and identified shortly afterwards.

The unfortunate Pippa lasted less than two weeks on her journey and in giving her life she actually achieved the opposite of her goals. Bacca’s death illustrated that indeed not all people are sweethearts and the Middle-East simply is not a terribly peaceful place. Hardly a point that somebody needed to die to prove.


Timothy Treadwell (AKA The Grizzly Man) made a name for himself with his documentaries where he would approach and play with wild grizzly bears in Alaska.

Despite numerous warnings from park officials, Treadwell would insist upon sneaking into areas in order to get his footage. Park records indicate that Treadwell’s violations included: Guiding tourists without a license, camping in the same area longer than the Parks Service’s seven-day limit, improper food storage, wildlife harassment, and conflicts with visitors and their guides.

Treadwell’s goal was to demonstrate that grizzly bears were simply gentle giants who loved human company. Grizzly bears were not dangerous in Treadwell’s world, they simply were misunderstood. Many environmentalists applauded this man’s work and considered him a great pioneer in building human/grizzly relationships.

The law of averages finally caught up to the “grizzly man” in early October 2003. The partially eaten remains of Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard (his girlfriend) were discovered near his campsite. Treadwell had set up a campsite next to a salmon stream in fall when grizzlies are fattening up for winter. While Treadwell clearly did not realize it, the grizzlies realized that Treadwell and his girlfriend are indeed made up predominantly of protein and they were promptly consumed.

When park rangers came to the campsite, a grizzly was present and protecting it’s kill. The rangers shot it. Shortly afterwards rangers were forced to shoot another young bear as it charged them. Despite the assertions of Treadwell, bears are rather aggressive when there is meat about. Treadwell’s idiocy not only led to his own death and his girlfriend’s death, but to that of two of the bears he claimed to love.



Rachel was a nice young idealist living in the American Northwest. Like many young people, Rachel felt there was wrong being done on the planet and that she must do something to remedy these wrongs.

Unfortunately Rachel was recruited by the “International Solidarity Movement”. Rachel was filled in on the atrocities of the Zionists in Israel and promptly took off to halt these evils in the Gaza Strip.

On March 16, 2003, Rachel was run over and killed by an armoured D9 bulldozer while trying to block the machine with her body. It would appear that bulldozers are much faster in Israel than they are here. I work with them constantly and have never had difficulty in stepping out of the way.

The outcry was immediate and some elements of the anti-Israel community have shamelessly tried to capitalize on Rachel’s death. Corrie’s death has been called murder (despite multiple investigations indicating that the driver could not have possibly even seen her much less chased her down) and a play has even been travelling North America telling the Rachel Corrie story. A nice looking and idealistic girl makes the best sort of martyr for these kinds of things.

While the left has canonized Rachel Corrie, others who have looked more deeply into the issue have christened her St. Pancake.

To begin with, the “International Solidarity Movement” is anything but a peace group. Increasingly it has been indicated that this group thrives on finding foolish Western kids and dropping them into war zones in hopes of drawing attention to their cause. One of their reps says it well: George Rishmawi of the ISM told the San Francisco Chroniclethat “When Palestinians get shot by Israeli soldiers, no one is interested anymore. But if some of these foreign volunteers get shot or even killed, then the international media will sit up and take notice.” This George Rishmawi is an activist with the Palestinian Communist Party by the way.

The death list for this “International Solidarity Movement” also includes Tom Hurndall. Shot in the face while volunteering for ISM was Brian Avery. Australian ISM volunteer Kate Edwards sustained severe internal injuries while out there for the cause.  The ISM is doing well generating these Western martyrs.

The ISM is hard at it trying to recruit more young western martyrs here.

They give travel tips and assure you that they will put you right in the war zone. You have to pay for it yourself of course as most of funds that head that way seem to have been set aside for explosives and such.

 Lets look through Rachel’s activities upon arrival.

 First Rachel got herself into the imaginary mode that she herself was indeed a Palestinian woman being oppressed by Israel.


Next, Rachel decided to help young school children by teaching them how to burn American flags.


Look at the love and passion in the face of this young western “peace” activist.


 Now the importance of good flag burning technique can never be understated. Had the poor young fellow pictured below been able to take advantage of Rachel Corrie’s tutelage, he may have been able to avoid his nearly premature trip to 72 virgins.


After Rachel’s teaching duties were completed, she was ready to be moved to the front lines.

 While ISM activists deny it, the constant barrage of missiles into residential areas of Israel sort of indicate that Palestinians are getting them from somewhere. A common method of this is to dig tunnels into neighboring countries in order to smuggle ordnance in. Israel uses bulldozers to close these tunnels.

 Rachel sadly thought that it would be wise to stand in front of one of these slow-moving machines with very limitted visibility in order to stop it.


 Rachel was crushed shortly after her shortsighted effort.


 There are a great many pictures of this incident out there. This is due to the ISM moving rather too quickly in cooking their spin on this new martyr.

Shortly after Corrie’s death, the ISM placed photographs on a website which it claimed showed the events leading up to Corrie’s death. AP, Reuters, and many Internet discussion pages reported that the photographs showed two (perhaps three) different bulldozers and inconsistent pictures of the sun’s movement across the skies. The ISM then changed the site to show a more consistent group of photographs.

 The death of Rachel Corrie and the others listed above were truly tragic. Any premature loss of life is a sad thing. All three deaths could easily have been prevented however by just a dash of common sense.

 If you know a young person who wants to make their splash in activist circles, it may be advised to tell them to put on a mask, attend a protest and smash the windows out of a Gap store as so many others do. It may lead to an arrest and some tear-gas pain, but it will beat the hell out of being eaten by grizzlies, being raped and killed or being squashed by a bulldozer. They will live long enough to realize how important self-preservation is.