Are you watching Pincott?

I may as well  bring up Calgary’s predominant raging greenie on Calgary’s city council as the latest idiotic initiative from the McGuinty government seems right up Brian Pincott’s alley. It is expensive, intrusive, poorly timed and will really do nothing to save the planet from the perceived evils of global warming.

 Ontario will soon have mandatory home energy audits.

 Ahh yes. As the real-estate values plummet across the continent, it has been determined that homeowners must now piss hard earned dollars into hiring a green auditor to check for as of yet unspecified violations against mother earth.

 Lets forget the reality that wise prospective home-buyers will check for such things as poor insulation and frosted windows all by themselves. Lets forget that simple economics drive people to try to keep their homes more energy efficient.

 We clearly need an army of bureaucrats and inspectors to come out and check for evil un-green acts.

 Since most people make efforts to keep their homes energy efficient already, what is the real motive behind this new initiative? I can only assume that they will be checking for things that most homeowners have not addressed out of self-interest.

 One violation I can see will be when inspectors check pantries and see foods that contribute to methane production.


 Now when our hairy little inspector sees a scene such as the one depicted above we can see the conflict beginning. Organic beans are indeed politically correct and they may even be “fair trade” ones. How many distant polar bears will drown due to massive ice-melt in the Arctic when this selfish homeowner consumes these beans and farts the earth into a premature armageddon?

 Will they check our closets to be assured that we simply wear a sweater on cold nights rather than turn up the heat?

 Will we be pilloried if we have toothpaste that was not packaged in an eco-friendly box?

 Will we lose ratings if we do not keep a rotting pile of leftovers in our backyard for compost?

 The possibilities are endless.

 Sadly the wasteful and idiotic concepts of the green crowd in their attempts to manage our lives have no end either.