Hey!! That’s my money!!

 Harper just what the hell are you doing? We just endured over a month of watching you promise the moon in spending increases while your lips were solidly locked on the collective asses of the Quebecois (who rejected you again by the way), and now you announce that you want to piss $100 million Canadian tax dollars into third world countries to help fight climate change????

 Sorry Steve I have to say that I am lost here. Who’s ass are you trying to kiss this time? I can assure you that increasing your popularity with dictators in Africa will not get you any closer to that majority that you so desperately want (and apparently don’t deserve).

 In your own words:

 “The funds would be destined almost exclusively to countries that are not necessarily major contributors to climate change or major sources of greenhouse gas emissions but will nevertheless be affected, in particular small insular and vulnerable states”

 Uhhh what? So you are even admitting that these countries are not major emitters. What schemes do you think these third world dictators will come up with to fight that climate change boogeyman anyway Harper?

 Lets see, below is a picture of Robert Mugabe’s home. Perhaps he will install solar heating for his pool in order to be more “green” eh?

 Perhaps Mugabe and others of his ilk will kill two birds with one stone.

 Increased insulation in the basement torture chambers will not only save energy, but will keep that damn screaming from interrupting the opulent meals enjoyed as the citizenry starves.


 Perhaps we could put some conditions on the military hardware that your pet dictators will surely buy with that money eh Harper?

 Look at all that smoke!!!! How dare those dictators emit carbon while suppressing and slaughtering their people!!!

 Perhaps Harper will demand that all third-world dictators use bio-diesel in their tanks (much better than using crops to feed people) and attach carbon capture devices to the machines.

 Harper, you were chosen by me as the least of the evils in the last election. You are quickly losing even that status.

 $100 million is a lot of our money. Why the hell did you not announce this while campaigning? You acknowledge that we are entering a period of fiscal crisis, yet you can’t wait a week to piss $100 million of our dollars away on some scheme to prop up dictators.

 If I wanted this kind of crap and wasting of money, I would have voted for Dion. At least Dion’s harebrained scheme kept our money in Canada.