I won’t believe it until I see it.

 I see in the news today that scumbag gangster Jackie Tran has been ordered deported yet again. I wrote on the Tran saga some months ago here.  

jackie tran

 How complicated is this? Tran was ordered deported back in 2004. Since then he has skipped hearings, broken bail conditions multiple times and been involved with criminal gangs in Calgary. Now I see that while Tran has been ordered deported (again) a date has not yet been set. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS WAITING FOR????

 Tran is a high flight risk as he has already proven when he skipped out on past deportation hearings. Rest assured if Tran is convinced that he really will be put on a plane to Vietnam this time, he will disappear yet again. Canada has already misplaced an estimated 30,000 or so deportees due to our using the honor system with them.

 How complex is this? Tran is not a Canadian citizen and he is a criminal. He has had more hearings than he ever deserved. Buy a damn ticket and put this piece of crap on a plane out of here.

 Calgary has been in the middle of some ethnic gang wars for a couple years now. There was a shooting just the other day that appears to be gang related. Should we really be surprised that these wars are continuing? Hell, we don’t even have the balls in our justice system to detain or deport a piece of garbage like Tran. What do these gangsters have to fear?

 The time and resources that have been dedicated to Tran amount to a slap in the face to the thousands of fine immigrants who call Calgary home and life productively and peacefully here. Many of these people endure prejudice as fearful citizens begin to view every person of Asian decent as a potential gang member.

 It has been said before and it is worthy of saying it again. In Canada we do not have a justice system, it is an injustice system.