Yet another pathetic deportation story.

 Each seems to get more disgusting than the last.

 Cesar Benjamin Guzman was convicted of raping an 87 year old woman almost 5 years ago. This is not speculation. This sick sick man was convicted.

 Now anybody with a glimmer of common sense would conclude that if we can get this piece of garbage out of our country that we would do so at the first opportunity.

 Sadly(and not unexpectedly), the imbeciles in our immigration system have  decided that we should not deport this man. We should keep him in Canada and simply cross our fingers that he does not rape people any longer.

 While legitimate immigrants get deported for things as trivial as working more than one job, rapists and drug dealers get every benefit of the doubt in our system.

 One need not be a master in the study of demographics to see where this sort of trend will lead us. Canada relies on immigration and we get some excellent citizens from it. If we insist on keeping only the human filth and deporting the productive, where does this leave us?

 I propose that the people sit on these immigration hearings should have to billet the people they say are safe in our country. Will they feel comfortable with Guzman watching over their grandmother at home? Would they like to have Jackie Tran pop out for a few drinks with their kids?

 You know, I suspect that the people on these boards would answer no to the above questions were they presented to them. So in light of that; HOW THE HELL DO YOU GUYS JUSTIFY MAKING THE REST OF THE POPULACE DEAL WITH THESE VIOLENT CRIMINALS???