Above the law.

 The federal and provincial governments have long turned a blind and cowardly eye to the lucrative and growing business of smuggling across the Canada/USA border on the Akwesasne Mohawk reserve. The self-styled “Warriors” there are little more than organized thugs and they have proven themselves to be such year after year after year with their increasingly bold actions and thumbing their collective noses at the law.

 Well, recent events have demonstrated excellently how out of control these “Warriors” are and how emasculated our governments are when dealing with them.

 While most nations on the planet arm their border guards for the sake of protection of the guards and protection of the very nation, the Mohawk “warriors” have determined that any effort to arm border guards in Canada is an unforgivable affront to their rights. These domestic terrorists went straight to threats of violence and lawlessness on the issue (apparently the only means of protest that they know). 

 Here is a reasoned response from of of these “warriors”:

 “We are going to clear them (border guards) out,” said Thomas Stacy, a middle-aged former professional wrestler who stood across from the border post with a small group of young men carrying large Mohawk Warrior flags. ”

 Lets get something straight here people. These are not natives protesting for treaty rights, these are not people fighting a land-claim. These “warriors” are defending what they perceive as their right to smuggle drugs, alcohol, tobacco and masses of guns across the Canadian border without hindrance. This is not a native rights group. The “warriors” are organized criminals.

 So, with such a clear cut case of criminal activity within Canada, what do our governments do? They do nothing while our border guards are forced to abandon their posts with concern for their own safety.

 That’s right folks. We pretty much have given away one of our border crossings to organized crime so that they may continue to smuggle drugs with impunity. How sadly Canadian.

 While this would be headline news in almost any other nation, here in Canada it gets little press as the country lives in terror of possibly offending natives. Get this straight, this has nothing to do with natives. Take race right out of the issue. This is organized crime and the race of the criminals is irrelevant.

 The “warriors” will doubtless be further emboldened by this latest example of pathetic cowardice on the part of our governments. I wonder what their next targets will be? Will they take all the border crossings in Canada and begin to collect their own tariffs? Will they just outright begin to manufacture the guns that they have been selling to feed into the Toronto gang war? Anything is possible when the government clearly believes these criminals are above the law.

 This is pathetic and frightening.