Speak for yourself Mayor Nenshi

As what appears to be the most competitive municipal election in Calgary in over a decade develops, embattled Mayor Naheed Nenshi is growing increasingly desperate and unprincipled as his approval numbers swirl the drain.

In a move designed to try and foster division among council members, Nenshi has issued a letter to the Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister which he claims is on behalf of city council.

Whether or not the measures in Bill 45 are good are not is debatable. The issue here though is that Nenshi has issued a letter making demands upon a provincial minister and he has falsely claimed that it is on behalf of city council. Council members were not consulted and the only signature that appears on the letter is Naheed Nenshi’s. He has no place to claim to be speaking on behalf of the council in a matter like this unless he brought the letter openly before them in order to seek their approval.This did not happen.

Of course, any council member who speaks up will be immediately painted as being a patsy for “big money” as Nenshi’s campaign of division continues. This is a self-serving abuse of the Mayor’s office but it is hardly surprising from one such as Nenshi.

Rest assured, Nenshi and his cabal on council will be stretching every rule and breaking every principle as they desperately try to retain their jobs. This incompetent gang knows damn well that they will never be able to make such money for doing such a terrible job in any other role.

Its going to be a rough and ugly campaign and Nenshi is setting the bar low early.

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