Socialist warship takes on unarmed capitalist cruise ship. Warship sinks.

In desperately seeking any non-pandemic news, I came across this story which broke a few days ago.

It is just too comical and symbolic not to re-post for any who may have missed it.

A small German cruise ship called the RCGS Resolute encountered the Venezuelan warship Naiguata in the Caribbean Sea at the end of March.

There was a dispute between the ships over whether or not the Resolute was in Venezuelan waters. The hapless socialist Navy was probably navigating with an antique sextant so I am inclined to side with the private cruise company on this one.

The Naiguata then opened fire on the Resolute.

Apparently the Naiguata didn’t have adequate firepower to take on the cruise ship so they then tried ramming the ship.

This led to the warship Naiguata taking on water and sinking. All crew members were safely rescued.

The Resolute then carried on to port in Columbia.

Most of the stories of Venezuela’s failed socialism are pretty dark including their desperate citizens even breaking into zoos in order to eat the animals.

This story is more on the comical side but it does illustrate just how wretched socialism is. Despite having some of the richest oil reserves on the planet, Venezuela couldn’t even build a navy capable of taking on a small cruise ship.

We should bear these lessons in mind as we enter dark economic times.

There are still many fools who think socialism is the way to deal with our pending economic crisis and we can’t let those notions take root.

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