Sally Kohn. Tone deaf twit of the day.

Not everybody is on Twitter. It can be a cesspool at times.

It is my favorite playground however as it really exposes the best in folks at times.

In but a few words, USA Today contributor Sally Kohn demonstrated just how profound the utter disconnect from even the most basic of economic reality is among the left leaning press.

I felt that I should share this gem here for those who aren’t on Twitter.

Millions of people in North America are out of work and idiots like Kohn feel that business owners simply chose to lay them off.

That’s right. Heartless, fat cat business owners have decided to decimate their income and the lives of the staff that they care for by “choosing” to lay them off to make a political point or something.

Yes you dolt! They were forced! They are broke. How do you keep staff when you have no revenue? Is it really that damned complicated?

As a business owner who has had to lay off staff before I can promise you that it is not a damned choice and we never want to do it.

To Sally Kohn I offer my most hearty welcome to go fuck yourself.

To those who are on Twitter, please feel free to send a little love her way. Maybe she will begin to clue in a bit though I hold little hope of it.

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