Saint George and the NDP Dragon


As time passes George Clark (of kudatah fame) has been becoming less and less lucid. His postings increasingly demonstrate a whole plethora of conditions from simple paranoia to a martyr complex to a distressing messiah complex.

While these observations on an individual should usually only be of concern for friends, family and mental health professionals, in George’s case it is a little bit different as he has managed to gather a sizable following of folks nearly as delusional as he is.

In years gone by folks like George wouldn’t get much farther than standing on a street corner wearing a sandwich board while predicting the end of the world or some other sort of conspiracy. In today’s age the internet has given folks like Mr. Clark a much bigger street corner to rave from and it has allowed him to gather a flock of kindred souls.

While the Church of George only appeals to a tiny fraction of Albertans, that still is of concern as this adds up to a few thousand folks who are very angry, paranoid and delusional. As I wrote in a recent posting, George Clark has convinced himself and his following that he has found some odd legal loophole which will allow him to bring the Notley government down through petitioning.

Clark is planning a rally on the steps of the legislature when it opens where he claims he will bring down the government. While everybody rational knows that Clark will never bring down the government, we have to be concerned that he will manage to gather upwards of a couple thousand people on the legislature steps who are not rational. How will these people react when they learn that they have been chasing a myth? Certainly George Clark will claim that the government is corrupt and has robbed them of their hard earned kudetah. Will George and his followers simply throw up their hands and go home? In reading the writings of Clark and his followers I suspect that they wont go that easily and things could possibly go out of control no matter how much Clark keeps talking about his creepy “fight them with LOVE” lines.

Below is a series of screen caps of discussions when Clark and his following discovered that some internet URLs had been purchased by folks who don’t support the kudetah. Yes, these folks don’t even understand the internet and copyright laws at a grade 1 level yet they feel they can overthrow an elected government.

I want to keep documenting these sorts of things in hopes that people glancing at George Clark’s movement can research and see just how nuts this is. I also want it well recorded that this is a fringe group that has no connection to any formal opposition party or rational opposition group as NDP supporters are trying their very hardest to tie people to Clark’s cult.

I will start with a snap from George’s own tantrum when he discovered that the rules of the internets don’t always work in his favor. The domain wasn’t “stolen” as he never owned it. Notley doesn’t him anything, much less an apology. He doesn’t even understand how domains are purchased and retained, he sure as hell doesn’t have the capacity to find out who bought it (the WHOIS is anonymous). It gave George an opportunity to try and play victim some more though of course.


Now, on to the reactions from George Clark’s followers.

In this post, loons speculate that it may be Rachel Notley’s husband and go on about how union members should be fired if they are found to be behind it. You cant sue them or bring charges against them but rage on. Delusional as always. I suspect that the government is less than scared of George Clark. Anybody with a few bucks on a credit card can purchase domains. No government conspiracy required.


Here, some of Clark’s followers think the destination of the URL is not due to a purchase of a domain but is due to malware or hacking.


In this posting, George’s crew goes on about how the world is controlled by Soros and the Rockefellers who are apparently behind this domain purchase. Another feels that this should be investigated by the FBI. I hate to break it to her, but we are still in Canada. No FBI here.  Soros probably owns the FBI anyway. There was a conspiracy theorist speaking on how reporting the legal purchase of a domain to the police was pointless as the government controls all the cops anyway.


Here George Clark demonstrates that he is as ignorant of communications and trademark laws as he is with electoral ones. I wonder how many lawyers are going to have to try and explain this to him and his followers?


There are all sorts of other ravings on George’s thread but the one below is the most telling. When frustrated by a dose of reality, Clark’s followers invariably start wandering down the path of speculation of what would happen if they simply chose to ignore laws. I fear that these answers would come pretty quickly to these folks if they decide they are above the laws created by a legally elected government. I just hope nobody gets harmed if and when they try it.


Sadly, the passage of time only seems to be making these folks even more paranoid and delusional. They are distracting from real efforts to improve our current government and to replace the current government in the next general election (the only way they can and will be replaced).

These people are few and these people are nuts. They need to be watched though and I strongly suggest that anybody rational who has crossed paths with them should disassociate themselves as soon as possible. If and when things hit the fan on the steps of the legislature on opening day with George’s gang, the crap is going to spread far and wide and nobody wants to get smeared in that.

23 thoughts on “Saint George and the NDP Dragon

  1. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and also the saddest, there are some real loons out there. Wish I could troll their FB page as that would provide a lot of fun.

  2. You obviously have a lot of time on your hands and must be worried sick at this point knowing that what is really needed in our province right now is true leadership… This NDP government has to be held accountable for the lack of fiscal management , raising taxes and implementing a PST hidden as a carbon tax does nothing for our economy ..

    • Goodness your living under a rock Shayne.. 44 years of corruption was okay with you? Give your head a shake and get with the times. It might just save our economy, instead of whining behind a computer screen! (;

      • Brando ,,, I am not sure what rock or computer screen you have been hiding behind but if you look around at all of the hardships a lot of people are facing right now .. Oil prices are low yes ,,, but I have lived and worked through low prices before sure activity was slowed but never to the extent that things are now .. 40,000 layoffs and major projects cancelled all over this province speak for what is really happening .. Get ready for that house you own ,or is it your parents , to be worth 1/10th of what the mortgage is. Already the uncertainty and lack of knowledge by this NDP gov has caused major effects in all industries , from service right on up to oil and gas …

        • It’s not just this province though. I don’t think everyone is getting that. It’s not even limited to Canada. Heck check out the trouble the Saudis are in or what’s going on in Alaska. Natural gas is way down so there is getting any help from that as happened in the past. This is going to get a whole lot worse too. In a matter of months there will be a surplus of a million barrels of oil a day on the market. All of this as well as other instability in world markets is contributing to our low dollar which comes with it’s own problems. Looking at this from another perspective though that low dollar is good news for agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. There is nothing that can be done by Canada to impact the price of oil. So we collectively need to refocus for the long haul. With crisis comes opportunity.

  3. So if George is such a loon and a quack, why are you so concerned about it?
    I wouldn’t feel right writing a whole story about someone I believed was “delusional”, and then start posting screen shots of his conversations, do you think maybe he might be a little threat?
    I’m not saying I’m gonna be one of those “loons” on the steps of the legislature, but I certainly want that right to be, so who are you to make light of that right?
    I also have a right to disapprove of MY government and have a right to sign a petition, I only hope MY government would respect that right as well, do you see that happening with MY government? (I say MY government because their supposed to represent all of us)
    In closing,I am a descendant of William Wallace, he fought for what he believed in, you don’t think that’s not right either?

    • Because the loon is gathering a following of loons. Too many loons can lead to some loony events, sometimes even dangerous ones. Loons can also spread the stigma of lunacy to non-loons which isn’t terribly fair thus I consider it a public service to highlight the activity of these loons so that it can be prepared for and dealt with correctly when the loons decide to migrate en masse to the legislature steps. 🙂

      William Wallace didn’t have the option to make electoral change in a democratic way. Are you really trying to compare our current situation with medieval Europe and the feudal system? That sort of does push you towards the loon category indeed. Should I see a loon screaming back and forth on the legislature steps with blue paint all over his face, I will at least now know who that likely is.

      We have the right to protest. There is no right to try and take a government down through a loony petition as George Clark is trying to do however. 🙂

  4. Maybe we should all paint our faces blue when we demand that the government step down on the legislature grounds. Perhaps Brian Jean and McIver can lead this Blue Face Revolt. Quick, someone buy this URL, ‘BlueFaceRevolt’, before the FBI buys it and undermines our movement.

  5. maybe people should get mad and stay mad. the lack of anger toward the idiots that are about to ruin the province and the country is distressing. lets all roll over like the good passive aggressive Canadians we are. if anger denotes insanity then I know way more than a thousand angry people.

  6. Albertans know that we have 4 tough economic years ahead and then if Ms Notley is gone, another 10 to 15 years of hard choices. So what if Sir George is a loon, at least he is venting his frustration with words and a petition and not resorting to violence.

  7. Kudetah? I can only assume you mean coup d’etat, and are either too lazy or stupid to spell it properly. Just a suggestion, if you’re trying to be a rational sentient, learn to spell.

  8. The way i see it, there isn’t any good choice, ndp, conservative, wild rose. Its all the same on all levels of the government. They are crooks and cheats there to line their pockets. Besides that business have more sway to political powers then the people ever will. Until we have honest people in government, it will never ever change. As for George, he’s going about it all wrong, his loss, his lesson. Some people need to learn the hard way, and after his gathering he will lose all credibility to his followers. Its not something to worry about.

  9. I would like to personally thank you, Cory, for posting this and giving the morons who usually troll my page with asinine comments some other place to go for a while. Yes, the NDP is horrible and I have no doubt the worst is yet to come. The fact that the group opposing them is acting in such a manner is smh-worthy and obviously counter-productive. Bad enough they call you a liberal (?), but those who suggest rape like that ‘Bob’ jizzwhistle are destroying their own cause – and they are too stupid to realize it. Kudatah-on, brother!

  10. I would bother to screen shot each area of error, but that would take a long time. This is PAINFUL to read. You have spelling errors, sentences that are missing words so I must fill in the word for you, as well as punctuation errors.
    PLEASE bother to proof your long winded essay.
    FYI- The whole kudatah thing wasn’t started by George he just stood up for the person who wrote it. Before you make fun of someone else for their errors, I suggest you ensure that YOU are perfect.

  11. Good post Cory – this sort of stuff needs to be highlighted, if simply to expose to the world how little these people really think. I have no issue with people expressing legitimate grievances with a government – but promoting a ‘kudatah’ and fake petitions? That isn’t thinking, that’s just gut reacting, or manipulation on Clark’s part. You just know he loves the attention though.

    Also fyi, your Twitter hashtag kudatah link goes to ‘#kudetah’ instead. Not sure if its on purpose or not but there you go.

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