Ricky Berwick for Governor-General!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in a quandary. An election is approaching and he is still facing fallout from his disastrous choice in appointing Julie Payette as the nation’s Governor-General only to have the world discover that she is something of a psychopath.

How can he find the right person for such a prominent job on such short notice?

We don’t need another dried up old journalist or harridan from outer space. Its time for a fresh approach to choosing the Queen’s representative to Canada.

Ontario social media icon Ricky Berwick is perfect for the job!

Ricky has established himself as something of an international ambassador to Canada already with his appearance on the respected and authoritative American show, Tosh.0 which establishes him as a fine representative of the nation during important and widely viewed broadcasts.

Berwick’s productions on Youtube has garnered him a dedicated following of over 2.2 million subscribers.

People just love watching him and what else is really important for a Governor-General anyway?

Berwick has embraced adversity and turned it into a career. His outgoing and lovable nature will make a great contrast to the last occupant of the Governor-General role. Ricky sure won’t be abusing and berating staff and he has a proven strong work ethic.

The prime role of the GG is to deliver the dreaded Speech from the Throne to parliament periodically. It is often referred to as the “Drone from the Throne” due to it’s boring nature.

Rest assured, no Speech from the Throne delivered by Ricky Berwick will ever be considered boring.

Just think of how memorable Ricky’s first audience with the Queen will be.

Let’s get on it folks.

Let’s put that fantastic Canadian entertainer and tongue aficionado into Rideau Hall!

Email Justin Trudeau to demand Ricky’s appointment here: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Ricky couldn’t possibly be any worse than the last one.

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