Progressive Conservative riding projections for 2008 election

In digging through some old emails looking for something else, I happened across a document that I had long forgotten about. I was on the board of the Wildrose Party at that time and ran for them in the 2008 election. Somebody leaked a Progressive Conservative riding projection document along with comments to us in late 2007.

There is nothing earth shattering within the documents. It really is of interest primarily to political wonks who were active at that time. It is neat looking back to see how the party in power looked at those constituencies at that time as the comments are somewhat candid though hardly scandalous.

I have no idea who the author was or who leaked it to us way back then. Since the PC Party no longer exists and not a single PC MLA within the document is still in office, I see little harm in sharing this now.

It is striking how the legislature has had an almost 100% turnover in the last 11 years.

I don’t have the time but will likely drill down later to see how accurate the predictions were. At a glance they looked to be mostly accurate though some of the ridings hadn’t even finished their nominations yet.

Happy reading.

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