Polipoker! Let’s get a game going.

Its going to be a long winter, especially in this weird year of social and travel restrictions.

It is an ideal time to set up a fun, small stakes online poker league however so we can take a break from things now and then.

The game is set up tourney style at $11 USD entry with one rebuy. Top 20% positions are paid out. It is at a good casual or beginners level of poker. No limit holdem. Games are weekly on Sunday at 2:30pm MST.

I don’t get a nickle from this by the way (unless I get into the top 20% at the end of a tourney like anybody else). Just want to set something fun up for a couple hours a week where people can take a break from things, play some poker and perhaps do some political dogmouthing during the matches.

The league is set up at Pokerstars. It is not available to American players. You would have to sign up and download the app if you are not already on. There are a number of ways to deposit money into your account.

The club ID is #3658983 Invite code is linked here. its 69696969 if there are link issues.

Join up and try to take my money (among others). Its a fun game at these affordable levels.

Send me an email if there are any questions.

See ya on Sunday.

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