Podcast with Shane Wenzel on conservatives and the LGBTQ community

Shane Wenzel is the President of Shane Homes in Calgary. Shane Homes and the Wenzel family have been known for their community engagement and their local philanthropy.

Like his father Cal, Shane has always been an unapologetic conservative and is outspoken online with his views.

Shane came out as a gay man publically a couple years ago when he posted his wedding pictures on Twitter and Facebook.

While the reaction from the conservative community was mostly positive, there was unfortunately some negative feedback as well. The conservative community is getting better but still can be a haven for the intolerant at times and much to the detriment of the conservative movement in general.

On the other side of the coin, not everybody in the LGTBQ community was welcoming of Shane’s conservative views.

It was a fantastic conversation as Shane speaks of his experiences and where we should be going as conservatives and perhaps those within the LGBTQ community as they learn to accept that sexual orientation and political philosophy are not one and the same.

Give it a listen below..

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