Podcast: its time to face it. The reserve system needs to come to an end.

I have written on it many times. I decided that its time to verbalize it.

Canada’s wretched, racist reserve system and Indian Act need to come to an end. How many more generations need to suffer? How much longer do we have to watch poverty, health issues, crime and general misery run rampant on Canadian reserves despite constantly increasing expenditures and dedicating resources to them?

Race based policy is always wrong and it shows in spades as Canada continues to try and fix an irreparable system.

If I could wish for any single policy that I could magically implement, it would be to end the racial apartheid happening in Canada with the reserve system. Aside from some parasitic lawyers and bureaucrats who benefit from it, this system creates nothing but misery for all and at great expense.

Lets start calling it out for the failure that it is so we can begin to look at realistic solutions to this growing crisis.

Listen below:

One thought on “Podcast: its time to face it. The reserve system needs to come to an end.

  1. I think you have it right. We need change. I think Western independence is a great opportunity for the First Nations. They can get away from the insultingly racist and paternal Indian Act and forge a new relationship. With neighbors this time, not with rulers thousands of miles away. You are also right that there will be howls of protests – not just from the legal Indian Industry. You’ll hear it from media, who just want to call us racists and stir up trouble. You’ll hear it from politicians, who want to throw every roadblock at separation. You’ll hear it from environmentalists, who hate separation more than anyone. You’ll hear it from chiefs, who don’t want to change the gravy train. You’ll hear it from everyday First Nations people because change is scary. It’s scary for everyone, but it is necessary.
    We’ll need to work together to come up with a relationship that will work, and a clear roadmap on how to get there.
    I think Albertans want a better deal for the First Nations, while Ottawa just wants votes and photo-ops.
    So what are the next steps? I’d love to hear from some pro-separation First Nations people. What are they looking for? What is the path forward?

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