Podcast interview with Premier Jason Kenney

I had a rare opportunity to interview Premier Jason Kenney for half an hour for my podcast. It wasn’t nearly enough time but we covered some great ground on a number of current issues.

Podcasts provide such a casual atmosphere hh where extended answers can be given and followed up upon.

We spoke on the current pandemic situation and potential government responses to rising cases, the longer term economic fallout due to the pandemic and the challenges to Alberta’s economy coming from some less than supportive governments and activist groups.

It was a great conversation.

Listen below:


8 thoughts on “Podcast interview with Premier Jason Kenney

  1. I didn’t join the UCP to help Trudeau phase out oil. That’s exactly what is happening right now, and the government’s action/inaction on this hasn’t changed Ottawa’s position. Kenney has a million excuses for not stepping up. I will judge him on that, whether he likes it or not.

  2. Great interview, Cory!
    Sure, the Premier has to work with the Feds to an extent but I’d still like to see more hard nosed solutions to our resource issues… solutions rather than excuses.
    There’s also over $20B allocated for Health Care in the 2020 Alberta Budget.
    Yes, COVID… but when are we going to see the top heavy ‘good ship AHS’ throw some of the dead weight overboard?

  3. Seems like a non sequitur to, on the one hand, fight for the oil industry while, on the other hand, proclaiming the inevitability of a transition off fossil fuels in 20 – 30 years which dovetails very nicely with UN and Globalist agendas. And given the huge obstacles that now need to be overcome to get anything done, 20 – 30 years is a drop in the bucket.

    It’s these kinds of inconsistencies that undermine my trust in Kenney. I think he is just another extremely slippery fish who has swallowed the NWO hook, line and sinker.

    • EXACTLY!! Kenney is a Trojan horse I think. He’s here to derail the growing Alberta independence movement and is out roaming around kissing butts with energy business leaders and bringing more immigrants to Albertans who doesn’t want more. We were massively damaged by Trudeau/Notley/Horgan strangling of our economy and jobs are hard to find.
      A local candidate that ran with him, said that Jason REALLY wants to be Prime Minister. And as a Closet globalist, once ensconced in Ottawa he will have the worlds 3rd largest oil and energy reserves in the world to play NWO poker with.

  4. If Jason Kenney is such a fiscal hawk, why did the auditor general report say $1.6 billion in tax payer dollars are missing?

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