Podcast episode with Marcel Latouche

This week I had a fantastic conversation with Marcel Latouche on municipal politics as we head into an election year.

This could finally be a watershed election in municipalities as citizens realize that we are entering a new era where fiscal responsibility is going to be a necessity.

Marcel Latouche is the CEO of the Institute for Public Sector Accountability and has long been an outspoken advocate on behalf of citizens in a world increasingly becoming controlled by growing government bureaucracies.

Marcel has authored a number of books including: Take Back City Hall,

Leadershift: Collaboration in the 21St Century,

I Said What?: A Collection of Columns, Articles, Blogs, and Speeches

Conservatives: Dead or Alive?

We spoke at length on issues of transparency, term limits, taxation, service delivery monopolies and accountability in local politics.

Municipal governance is the closest to the citizens yet we often don’t pay attention to it. It is vital that citizens stand up and take back their local governments in the 2021 election.

It was a fantastic conversation. Listen below.

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