Podcast episode with Josh Groberman & Terry Etam on the mad rush to transition from fossil fuels

This was the most fun episode to record yet. Josh Groberman and Terry Etam are interesting characters with some fantastic insight to share on where our energy is sitting and how we can counter some of the misinformation and insanity surrounding it.

Josh is the publisher of the BOE Report which is a publication focused on Canada’s energy industry.

Terry is a columnist and author who has written an excellent book tearing into the challenges and outright bullshit Canada’s energy industry is dealing with. The title “The End of Fossil Fuel Insanity” Clearing the Air Before Cleaning the Air is perfect and the book is outright jam packed with energy information and a solid basis of common sense.

Near the end of the episode, Josh offers the most bizarre yet unique proposition to get energy projects completed in Alberta. He feels we need to open the abortion issue.

It is a fun and informative listen.

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