Podcast episode talking protesters, violence & extremists with Greg Renouf

We all see footage and clips of protests, riots and such on the news but few of us actually venture down to those events in person to see what is going on for ourselves. 

We can’t blame people for not wanting to go to these things themselves. It can be dangerous and most people simply have better things to do. 

Unfortunately, that means that most people only get an incomplete picture of what is happening at these protests. Short clips from an often biased media are all we get and many folks have in incomplete knowledge of what goes on at these protests. 

Greg Renouf has been attending protests, occupations etc. for over eight years now. He has documented and shared what he has seen on various platforms of social media. He has been assaulted and threatened as extreme protesters try to avoid exposure of what they are really all about and who is behind them. 

Greg chats of his experiences and what he has learned in his visits to the world of chronic protesters. 

Greg’s website is at http://www.genuinewitty.com/ and he can be found at @grenouf on twitter.

Listen below:

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