Ottawa bans citizens from safely visiting elderly loved ones through windows

Just when you think that power mad bureaucrats can’t get any worse, they hit rock bottom and outdo themselves.

Dean Lett, director of long-term care for the city of Ottawa has issued an order banning family members from visiting loved ones from outside of the windows of care centers.

This is an absolutely disgusting move.

Was anybody being infected by these visits?

Hell no!

Bureaucrats are constantly creating solutions looking for problems and this is one of the most disgusting ones I have ever seen.

Elderly folks are scared and lonely enough as it is during this pandemic. It is unimaginably heartless to steal this pleasure which was the high point for many of them through the week.

Senior civil servants and bureaucrats are often the same kids who used to be hall monitors at school. They puff up with the slightest amount of authority and get off on pushing it upon people at every possible opportunity.

The pandemic is not out of control but the assholes in power sure are.

The fools responsible for this cruel requirement should be fired and banned from any and all positions of authority for life. It is a repugnant and pointless exercise of power for utterly no good reason.

This will only get worse as these pointy headed fools get even more heady with their perceived power over the actions and happiness of fellow citizens.

Yet another reason why this lockdown has to end.


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