Now is the time to further develop our oil and gas reserves rather than shut them in.

Unprincipled “green” types have all been gleefully dancing on the presumed grave of the Canadian conventional energy sector. Between the OPEC led price war and the pandemic, the energy sector is reeling. The anti-energy environmentalist set thinks this is a fantastic thing. In their delusional fervor, they think that in killing the Canadian conventional energy sector we will suddenly see a new generation of renewable energy sources filling the void. They couldn’t be more wrong.

We are about to enter one of the worst if not the worst world economic depression seen in a century. Business and personal bankruptcies are skyrocketing while it looks like double digit unemployment numbers are going to become the new normal for some time to come.

In light of this, do you think anybody is going to sink themselves further in debt by spending nearly six figures on a virtue signalling Tesla when they can fill up a regular vehicle with gas for $20?

Not a fucking chance.

We need to get real here. People are going to be as frugal as humanly possible and when oil and natural gas are as cheap as they are, that is what people will be buying.

Who is going to remortgage in order to cover their house in solar panels which will take decades to break even on with natural gas and the energy generated by it being so cheap?

Which company is going to invest in hundreds of windmills when governments can no longer afford to subsidize them and natural gas generates electricity at a fraction of the cost?

Let’s face it. We won’t be able to afford to go “green” for a decade at least. We will need to keep the lights on for as little as possible and that means using oil and gas.

Now, why develop our domestic oil and gas supplies when the Saudis can provide it so cheaply?

Well, it depends on how much you want to be dependent on the goodwill of the Saudis I guess.

We have seen rather starkly how quickly and effectively the Saudis can manipulate the world price of oil. We shouldn’t forget for a second that they can cut supply and send prices through the roof just as easily as they can flood the market with excess oil. I do not relish the thought of our economic well being residing in the hands of that ugly state.

The only way to protect ourselves from the price shocks of the OPEC cartel is to maintain and further develop our domestic supply. We are sitting on some of the most abundant oil and gas reserves on the planet and there are few things more idiotic that would could do than to shut down those resources. That is exactly what the “green” extremists are calling for though and they often have Trudeau’s ear.

We have to stand up and ensure that these ideologues don’t succeed in their plans to make us all dependent on OPEC. We can’t afford not to.

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