Non-profit drive-in in High River shut down by AHS hours before nurses in Grande Prairie enjoy a drive-in function.

The examples of the arbitrary and inconsistent nature of government restrictions being made ostensibly to protect us from the pandemic is long and ugly. Some examples are just too much to bear however and this one is outstanding.

While you are allowed to buy food at a drive-thru restaurant, park in parking lots with thousands of other cars at Walmart, sit with thousands of other cars while in traffic, or even get a drive-thru COVID-19 test, the luminaries at Alberta Health Services decided to crack down and shut down a non-profit drive-in movie in High River just days before they were to open.

What possible threat could that drive-in have presented? Is there a lick of evidence anywhere that drive-in movies are responsible for any infections?

Evidence be damned. The pointy headed bureaucrats swooped in and shut down the event despite having recently approved it. Much like patios at bars.

It seems that they are more determined to shut out any form of happiness or human enjoyment that actually fighting the pandemic.

To add insult to injury in a mind blowing act of hypocrisy and double standards, there is a drive-in movie event happening unhindered in Grande Prairie on the very night that AHS shut down the High River one.

So what was the difference?

The Grande Prairie event was being held for AHS employees with full concession and public washrooms.

Those employees happen to be nurses.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I do not want the drive-in for the nurses to be stopped. It is just as safe as the High River event would have been, Perhaps less because they have concessions but that’s not the point.

How are we to take government shutdowns seriously when even nurses don’t follow the same rules?

This is galling.

We need to start opening up yesterday.

Clearly the danger is not as some like to claim it is.

2 thoughts on “Non-profit drive-in in High River shut down by AHS hours before nurses in Grande Prairie enjoy a drive-in function.

  1. Hi Cory ,

    Canyon meadows cinemas here . We too had gotten approval a few weeks ago for our parking lot drive in movies. We ran them last week and then this week they shut down the company that we rented the screens from. We had to cancel 3 shows Friday and sat . We are angered , disappointed and financially set back once again. We have been closed down since 13 dec . Now I see some ammunition in my argument with ahs Monday morning. We are outraged . Thank you for posting about Ahs drive in.

    • Saddened to hear this happened to your drive in also. Hope this article will open the eyes & ears of the judge you get.

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