No more BS. Open Alberta up now!

How much more of this fearmongering crap are we going to take?

How many more businesses have to go bankrupt?

How many individuals need to go broke?

How many more suicides?

How many more overdoses? How many more people have to suffer waiting for “elective” procedures?

How many more overdoses?

The costs of lockdowns and restrictions are steep and are growing. Meanwhile the projections on COVID-19 from “experts” are proving to be utter bullshit.

No longer are we looking at the crap projections from health “experts”, we can now look back on a whole year of data.

It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not even remotely as dangerous as we have been warned. Death rates around the world in general have not risen in countries and the reason is cold and clear, COVID-19 almost exclusively kills the already dying. At worst, the virus is taking weeks or months from a tiny number of people’s lives. Meanwhile government reactions to the pandemic are adversely impacting billions of people.

The ICU numbers in Alberta make it stark and clear. After an entire year of being warned that our health care system is on the brink of collapse, we discover that ICU ADMISSIONS ACTUALLY WENT DOWN IN 2020!

This is not a typo. During the year where we shut the whole damn world down for what was supposed to be the worse pandemic since the plague, our overall ICU numbers actually dropped. Our overall death numbers aren’t skyrocketing either. Check it out in the image below.

Below is the FOIP request which revealed these numbers.

This is utterly unbelievable.

It is past time to stop listening to these fearmongering “experts” and time to try and salvage what we can from our economy.

Look at the projections below from just last month.

The projection modeling above looks just kike the crap that the Alberta health “experts” fed us a year ago when they projected as many as 30,000 Albertan deaths.

Utter, incompetent pap.

Not to be outdone by the inept provincial models, Dr. Tam released her “rocket ship modeling” which is so bad, they should be fired on the spot.

Enough is enough. The numbers are in.

We are not suffering under the worst pandemic in generations. What we are suffering under is the worst case of world hysteria and overreaction in history.

End the restrictions now!

There are no more valid excuses to keep this carp up.

3 thoughts on “No more BS. Open Alberta up now!

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  3. Let’s watch Texas and see if your analysis and conclusions holds up.
    Opinions don’t matter much but cogent analysis that considers all of the pieces of this puzzle does. I really appreciate your frustration and yes the costs to the public have been real by both the virus and the controls but our compromises did nothing but prolong this pandemic.
    Lastly I do take issue with your comment that the virus kills those ‘already dying’. I personally know this not to be true and you come across as a bit of an arse for stating the claim.
    I’m as conservative as the next guy but I’m tired of expert opinion trying to disguise reality and I’m really tired about the negativism of my conservative friends who lump everything wrong in this world into some crap pie that they try to feed to whoever will listen. WE aren’t experts on everything and we don’t need to have an outsized opinion that surpasses our legitimate understanding. What we need to do is ask question to get smarter..but that seems to be thought of as weakness.
    I know about energy so I’m entitled to speak on some aspects but for everything else i need to listen and ask question, sometimes inconvenient ones. Lastly…I need to stop making assumptions about the facts I’m hearing…turns out those facts are garbage. THAT is the real problem today, our willingness to use opinion as fact and secondly our willingness to spread it. Together that does nothing but divide us. WE are better than that, tough times should unite us, if in fact we are as tough as we say we are.

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