More fabricated racism from Warren Kinsella.

 Perhaps it is that Warren Kinsella has lost any means of national publication or something, but the fellow continually goes farther and farther onto limbs in hopes of exposing racists where there are none.

 I guess it stands to reason considering how supportive Kinsella is of Richard Warman who is known for using questionable entrapment methods in hopes of smoking racists out of the woodwork on discussion sites. All the self-identified racists, nazis and such have already been before the HRC tribunals and low and behold it turns out that crusaders such as Warren Kinsella can’t find any more of them. This sort of undercuts his case that Canada is rife with neo-nazis that need to be charged before we are overrun with them thus he has moved on to outright fabricating racist statements as he can’t find real ones.

 The prime target of Kinsella’s fabrications these days appears to be Mark Steyn. Clearly the envy is getting to Warren Kinsella. While Kinsella can’t even maintain a position as an occasional columnist with the National Post and has slipped to the point of running an increasingly backwater blog while trying to turn rocks over in hopes of finding a hidden nazi, Mark Steyn is an internationally acclaimed journalist with a publication on bestseller lists. Rather than look inward to try and remedy his own shortcomings and perhaps better himself, like a petulant child Warren Kinsella has moved on to trying to besmirch the reputation of those who have surpassed him such as Mark Steyn.

 Rob Breakenridge with QR77 has done some excellent digging on his blog and has documented Kinsella’s antics quite well. On today’s posting, Breakenridge points out that while Macleans has run a counterpoint to Steyn’s publication that was written by prominent Muslim people, Kinsella tries to imply that Macleans has offered no room for Muslims to put out their point of view.

 Next Kinsella harped that a letter that he had written to Macleans was not published.

 The text of Kinsella’s letter is on his site here.

  Now the portion where Kinsella claims Steyn was going on about “gooks”… Yes, the word gook was used in Steyn’s column but it was not Steyn calling people such and the word was taken completely out of context as can be seen here.

 Pretty pathetic on Kinsella’s part.

Here, Warren Kinsella trys to attribute a whole pile of statements to Steyn.

 Here Breakenridge completely debunks Kinsella’s fabicated pile of crap. 

 Warren Kinsella’s ravings wither rather quickly when exposed to the light of facts.

 In Kinsella’s letter he uses terms such as “wogs” and works to attribute them to Steyn. When put into context of course, Steyn called nobody any such thing. Breakenridge masterfully points that out here.

 Fortunately for Kinsella, Steyn is made of better stuff than WK will ever be. Steyn’s skin is not so thin and he does not threaten lawsuits at the drop of a hat as Kinsella does. The things Kinsella has implied and attributed to Steyn are far more slanderous than anything Kinsella is claiming in his latest round of shakey threats.

 When embittered fabrications are the best Kinsella can come up with, one simply has to assume that Warren Kinsella really has no solid case to make.

 Thanks again to Rob Breakenridge for pulling out the facts on Kinsella’s blatherings. The fight for free speech is getting hot in Canada and censors like Kinsella clearly will stop at nothing to try and gag the populace.

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